Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OOTD: velvet's one last hurrah.

As many of you well know, I've been acting like it's spring for, oh I dunno, like 2 months now. Most of my outfits are shamelessly springy even when it's not really the right weather or right month to be donning my duds. C'est la vie. But last night, whilst in my closet flinging items around, I rediscovered this... velvet blazer. From Anthro, circa 2007 (?). I'll set the scene...

*Enter Justine, fanatically flinging clothes*

"Top... top... get rid of this... keep this.... ehhmm?... velvet blazer... top, top..."

"Wait. Velvet blazer?" *Pan in to face. Look of horror as realization sets in that Fall/Winter is gone and Spring has arrived. Velvet blazer will be null and void in T-minus a few days.*

So I grab some tops, some pants, some accessories and start playing around. It was way too late to be putting anything on my body besides flannel pants and slippies, but I made some "hanger outfits" as per my usual and set them aside for the next morning. Honestly? I didn't like what I did but I kept it out anyway.

Fast-forward, Tuesday morning. Begrudgingly put on the outfit. And what do ya know? I kinda like it. No.

I actually like it!

And so, dear lovies, here's my Lesson of the Day: don't always trust hanger outfits. They can deceive. (oh yeah, and don't rush the seasons so much! and don't cry over spilled milk! and don't kick a gift horse in the mouth! and don't eat year-old mayonnaise!)
(gratuitous ass-shot, whoopie!!)
Blazer: Anthro Odille, ca. 2007ish
Top: EPIC apparel burn out tee
Pants: Express black jeggings? ponte leggings? you decide.
Necklace: super-pretty thing from Nordstrom accessories dept.
Shoes: Chinese Laundry zebra hair wedges

(and please take note of pretty lilac nail polish. I lurve.)


  1. amber's notebookMarch 17, 2010 at 9:06 AM

    cute lady!! you're working it!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. "and don't kick a gift horse in the mouth! and don't eat year-old mayonnaise!" LOL LOL LOL yesssss! LOVE IT!

    Good 're-find'! ;)
    Great lilac polish! ;)

  4. Love lilac polish. That blazer is way cute. Maybe this is why I need fashion help, because I'd wear that in the spring with a pastel shirt underneath. No? Oh boy.

  5. No, I think you could! I just know that here in Texas, I would sweat right through every inch of that sucker. Ewww. TMI, heh.