Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rain, rain, come back!

... sooooo totally NOT like me to say that. I hate the rain. But when I received a huge package in the mail on Thursday, courtesy dav Rain, I was counting down the days until Dallas sees a downpour again. I have hesitated on buying rain boots because, frankly, I think most of them are rather hideous. It's hard to be a "shoe girl" and wear rain boots since they're usually so clunky, unfashionable and blah. But I knew I wanted a pair, not just for practicality but because the adorable Brits at the 2009 Glastonbury festivals looked so darned cute in 'em!

I think I found my answer.

dav's rainboots are so cute! They carry not just a ton of color/pattern options, they also carry tons of styles (I had a hard time not getting some of the rain flats). And not only that, but you can get rain-proofed purses, umbrellas and luggage, too. It's a one-stop shop for rain gear. Yay! They were awesome enough to let me pick out a pair of boots and my fave accessory, so here's what I got:

(Holy hair!!)

These are the English Floral Sky Blue boots. Oh so cute! And check out those adorable little birds on the umbrella! I didn't want to open it in the house, 'cuz, well you know.  As for the product, I think they looked exactly the same in the product pictures and no surprises, which is  nice to find. The material is made of a very sturdy but still movable material, and the best part? They're lined with a super-soft and comfy fleece. So my feet will be dry and cozy. The foot-bed is padded for extra comfort, too. Overall, a great product and I recommend if you're still looking for rain boots or need a new pair. (p.s.: the umbrella seemed pretty sturdy and went up and down rather easily, but time will tell as always!) Thank you, dav!!!


  1. wow those are really cute!! i bet they would make rainy days fun :) i also like that they're cute and fun but don't look like little kid rain boots

  2. also, i love your hair curly like that!! do you layer it?? i have wavy/curly hair that i mostly just straighten because i can't get it to not degenerate into pile of frizz.

    does layering help? i keep trying different products.

  3. Well, I don't know if it's layered anymore lol... really, it's pretty
    one-length at this point. But I use product and then "scrunch" it with my
    hands. I find Redken is the only thing that really works for it (isn't
    sticky, isn't straw-like when it's dry, but holds it well).

  4. I love those. Especially the umbrella; who wants a boring black umbrella? I have hesitated to buy the Hunter rain boots and now I'm so glad I didn't!!!