Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A shoe kind of gal.

Hi, lovely readers. Thanks to all who had great suggestions for my upcoming Vegas trip! I really just can't wait, and I plan on heeding all the advice that was given to me. Seriously, stuff I wouldn't have thought of-- ya'll are the bestest. :)

I know I've been posting tons about shoes lately, but I just had to include three more pairs I'm so incredibly lusting after, it's crazy.  I'm no purse-girl. I carry one with me for about 1 year straight and then get another, with which I do the same, so I really don't care too much about getting new bags. I love clothes and accessories, of course, but nothing will match my love of shoes. I can't say I still wear items of clothes I've had for 4+ years (I cycle through clothes like crazy), but I can say I get attached to shoes and will wear 'em until the cobbler tells me they're dead. I think shoes are about the closest to wearable-art that I can own (since pretty architectural clothing usually = SERIOUS CASH). So anyway. There's my justification, and here are the super-de-duper shoes that I really must own. Sigh.

The L.A.M.B. and Seychelle's shoes are quite similar but definitely not similar in price... but I would still get both if I could. And how cute are the bows and wicker-heel on the Colin Stuart wedges? Wow... there is definitely a theme in my recent shoe lusting-- hints of beige and pink and slightly chunky.

(oh and p.s., definitely going through the Bargaining stage right now. Definitely asked the husband whether it would technically break my shopping ban if I just so happened to leave cash on the dining room table that just so happened to be the right amount for a pair of shoes. He said YES. Hrmph.)


  1. I die. I want all of them. Esp. the LAMB...of course.

  2. oh I know, right?! oh so lust-worthy.

  3. I love the Seychelles. I saw those on Nordstrom! Does it get any sweeter or daintier (sp?) I think not! It's so fun to be a girl right now...when the spending hiatus lifts :)

  4. eeeppp! I know. I just have to keep reminding myself that 20ish days is NOT
    a million years. :)

  5. I am the same way!! I love and crave shoes. I also own tons of handbags, but I'll use the same bag day after day whether it matches or not.
    BTW The LAMB shoes...... Died.


  6. The Seychelles are dreamy! They're a Vegas shoe for sure. You need them. *hint, hint husband* :)

  7. those LAMB shoes are gorg. I wish they didn't have a 5" heel, but still, wow.