Saturday, March 20, 2010

My oh my...

As many know, Lucite accessories are in for the spring. To be honest, it's not really a trend I really cared to much about. That is, until...

...I spotted this.

Oh dear. I lost my breath a little. This makes me want Lucite, like, NOW. The perfect way to sport this? White tee, tattered denim and sky high heels. Love love love. OMG, and for under $50? Yes yes please.

Ok, enough of my hopeless dreams. But will one of you get it, wear it, then send me a pic please? Thanks. :)


  1. Where is this from? I'm so sad, I don't recognize anything anymore. Still catching up on last year's must-haves via Ebay. Ahh, the poor broke student life.

  2. SO AWESOME. I would love for you to have this. Maybe I will let myself have one too... Two weeks isn't so far away, right?!

  3. Oh so gorgeous!