Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Dress Sale!

Hey lovies! I decided to do a quick and impromptu blog sale featuring 4 dresses I'm planning on selling. I realized how many freekin' dresses I own and I need to pare down a bit, so I'm first offering these to you. They will be put on eBay later this week but I wanted to give you first dibs/heads up. You can just email me or comment with your email address if you're interested (! We can figure out payment from there... also, all prices are negotiable!! Here we go:

1: BCBG Max Azria black and white dress:
- Features cute button embellishments and accordian pleated crumb-catcher.
-In perfect condition-- only worn once or twice.
-Belt is attached and ties at the waist to give definition.
-Purchased at BCBG boutique 2 years ago for an anniversary dinner where I saw Eva Longoria (heh!!). Has mostly just sat in my closet since.
-Size 0, fits TTS (and may even accommodate a bigger chest because of the pleating at the top).
-Asking $30 (shipping to US included)

2. Forever 21 "Karta-inspired" teal babydoll dress: SOLD.
-Cute Karta-inspired embellishments at the bust.
-Worn gently but in good condition.
-Tag fell off and you can see the tear in the inside-fabric; however, this does not affect the integrity of the dress at all.
- bought at F21 a few years ago.
-Size XS/S, fits TTS
-Asking $15 (shipping to US included)

3. Voom by Joy Han Zodiac dress: SOLD.
- Cute and fun print.
-The chest area is searsuckered for best fit. Has halter ties that tie at the neck.
-The button embellishments at the top are so pretty!
-Bought in an upscale Dallas boutique 2 years ago; very lightly worn.
-Size Small, fits TTS
-Asking $30 (shipping to US included).

4. BCBG Max Azria sundress:
-Bought at Nordstrom 4 years ago and has seriously been sitting in my closet for most of that because it doesn't fit me and I pray daily that it did. :( I think it needs a new home.
- Says size 2, but fits like a small 0 because of the chest/rib cage area... it's pretty small. It would be perfect on a more petite girl!
- Had an orange sash that was connected by little strings that were cut off, but not noticeable and would be so cute with a thin metallic belt instead.
-Asking $20 (shipping to US included).

Stay tuned, I may add some more on my eBay when I add these. Enjoy!!


  1. I like the Forever 21 "Karta-inspired" teal babydoll dress! That is if no one's claimed it yet!

  2. It's yours if you want it!! Email me @ if you're really interested :)

  3. amber's notebookMarch 29, 2010 at 7:07 PM

    That Voom dress is cute!!

  4. I know, I really wanna keep it but I'll be good ... Sad, hehe.

  5. Oh my goodness I love the BCBG dresses! But sadly I cannot fit into a 0 or 2. I would've snatched those babies up =(

  6. Sad! I love them too.. I hate seeing these go, haha. I'm tormenting myself, methinks. :)

  7. I'm interested! Emailing you now! I promise to take care of it and love it if you haven't sold it yet :)