Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can I shop yet?

In terms of my shopping-life, the past day has felt like 500 days. I am not cut out for this "40 Days of No Shopping" bull crap. Ugh. And this cute Anthro dress went (quite shockingly) on super-sale today-- gals, did this not fit right err sumthin? I can't quite understand it, but guess what? It's not happening for me anyway. ARGH.
Tesserae Dress (Anna Sui for Anthro)

In other, happier news, the wonderful, beautiful and ever talented Vera shipped my skirt and it arrived in my mailbox this afternoon. Yay! I woulda styled and taken pics of it tonight but I'm having one majorly bad hair day. So yeah not happening.  But visit her Etsy store, because she has a grey version of my skirt in store now! And I want it as well, but OH YEAH. I CAN'T. Awesome. Lovely Nicole did a fabulous job styling it over on her bloggity blog yesterday, so check it out. I'm totally stealing the striped shirt idea. So cute.

Ya'll, I'm weak. Wish me luck. This is just bad... bad...


  1. i can't imagine giving up shopping for lent. that was one of my questions for my Q&A, the answer was "heck no!". i have black mummy and nude mummy skirt on its way anyday now! can't wait to receive them! can't wait to see how you style yours!

  2. That's such a cute dress!
    And I cannot wait to see how you style Vera's mummy skirt.

  3. Oh love - stay strong!!! Cannot wait to see the styling! I gave up all sweets and I am dyyyyyyyyying