Friday, March 19, 2010

OOTN: color me casual

Tonight, the husband and I are venturing 10 minutes outside of Dallas (gasp! horror!) to the 'burbs to see a movie and, natch, eat at a chain restaurant. What else are the 'burbs good for, huh?! I love me some steak, so Texas Roadhouse it is. Oh, the kitsch! The meat! The weird throwing of peanut shells on the ground that at first stresses me out ("there's trash on the floor, husband!") and then just makes me giggle! Yep, suburbia at it's best.

Soooo I wanted to be casual, but I don't do "casual" all that well, so this is what you get:
(oh I hate how my camera changes settings on me in the middle of a shoot, argh)

Shirt: F21 satin tee
Jeans: Rich and Skinny studded boyfriend jeans
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Steve Madden Tristanos
Bracelet: Intermix

And I do realize, now looking closer at these photos, that the cuffed boyfriend jeans teeter on disastrous (kinda make my legs look thick?), but oh well. That's what the 'burbs deserve, lovies. Thick looking calves. Next time (ahem when I do my laundry), I'll wear my tried and true skinnies. 


  1. Texas Roadhouse... a Texas Staple to me. I rarely eat red meat but when I do I seem to venture there. I miss living in the Dallas area sometimes. Enjoy it!!

  2. CUTE new blog! you are darling


    When Evs and I were dating (in WACO), Texas Roadhouse was an essential Friday Night Staple!

  4. Lol, no Kate, worse: MESQUITE. Way hickier!!
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  5. Lookie here missy, ain't no shame in the suburbs!

    Gah. Who am I kidding? I'd *kill* for a brownstone complete with its own no-name coffee shop a mere Manolo's walking distance away. Enjoy your meat!

  6. Oh Dear. Eat lots of yeast rolls... that's the only thing I can think of to
    make MESQUITE better :)

  7. Oh, I remember how good steakhouses in Texas were when I lived there. Then I went vegetarian. I think being a vegetarian in Texas was a little odd, people would look at me weird. Love that bib necklace. So cute!

  8. you look GREAT in this!!!

  9. You can do it. Just lower your cuff next time. I taper mine a little sometimes before I roll and I don't go more than an inch, inchandahalf.

    Love the purple on you & love your new blog header :-)