Wednesday, November 4, 2009

OOTD: Boutonniere dress

I know you all know this dress, have seen this dress, and have seen it on every-other fashion blogger... but still. I love it that much. And wearing something so pretty and fun to work just automatically makes your day better! (except for my hair... it was having a bad day. Sad.)

Dress: Anthro Bold Boutonniere Dress
Cardgan: LINE cotton ruffle sweater
Boots: Steve Madden slouchy boots
Necklace: Etsy (thejewelrybar)

As I look at my pictures, I realize how many times I sport a hair tie on my wrist. Do you lovies do that, too? I always forget to take it off, and I've even tried getting the hair ties with baubles on them (Anthropologie has one right now I almost bought), but to no avail. You'll always catch me with one, because with a mane as thick as mine, it's a frustrating day when it's not there. I think I need to make this a fashion statement. Or pretend it's a part of my religion or something. Like those red strings Madonna wears.

All right, I'll stop my blasphemy now. Apologies. :)


  1. Such a great dress!

  2. haha I laughed at the ponytail holder comment because I ALWAYS have one on my wrist too - I think it looks so lame but what can ya do when your hair's unpredictable?

  3. LOL I have a ponytail on my wrist at all times too! I feel you on the thick hair...mine is unruly and always I always need a backup tie around :)

    You look wonderful in the dress btw!

  4. This dress is really pretty, it looks great on you; question for you though: what is the rule regarding necklaces if the dress/ shirt/top already has an elaborate neckline?

  5. Well, I don't like rules. :) But I know what you're saying-- usually, I don't wear necklaces when there is a lot of detail at the top of the dress/shirt. But I thought this was simple enough to not compete. I probably could have left it out, but ehhh why the heck not? :)

  6. I laughed at the ponytail holder comment. I do the same thing. I've even worn a red one a few times and have gotten ask if it's a Kabbalah bracelet - several times! I'm like, um no, it's a scrunchy.

  7. aahhhh..i want this dress - i know, i'm so behind. lol