Friday, November 13, 2009

OOTD... on the cheap!

Honestly, it wasn't intentional. It just so happens that the outfit I'm wearing today is less than $150! It sounds somewhat expensive, but when I think about what I wear, I think I normally average a lot more than that. Eeek. Anyway, here she is....

Jacket: F21 "winter white" jacket ($24.80)

Shirt: F21 ($13.80)

Necklace: Francesca's ($18)

Jeans: AE super skinny jeans ($39.50)

Shoes: super-old Gianni Binnis (probably like $60...)

OK so I lied a little. It's $156. Whatever. And who knows! Maybe those shoes were cheaper. Dillards always puts that brand on sale for 40% off. The point is... ok well I'm not sure what the point is here, lovies, but it does remind me that I can make a super-cute outfit out of Forever21 pieces! Yep, that's the point. Even though their skirts/dresses make me look like I'm working a corner, some of their pieces are just dandy. Yep.


  1. I LOVE that jacket, and the top too!

  2. Thanks!! The top totally looks like a ATL or JCrew purchase... but for a hell of a lot less. It's pretty good quality!

  3. Oh exactly! I've been eyeing some JCrew tanks that are similar to that.

    I have yet to step inside a F21 store (It's about an hour away in Toronto), I plan to scope it out though before Christmas! :)

  4. cute blazer! Although I have a love/hate relationship with F21. Stuff always falls apart after a few washes..

  5. Thanks! It's actually really well made-- I've been very impressed lately. Everything I get I make sure it looks like decent quality, or else I won't buy it. I've only ever had luck with the things I get from there, surprisingly!