Friday, November 13, 2009

Tempting... and a little surprising?

Macy's? Sure, your NYC store boasts beauty and allure, but lemme tell ya, folks. No beauty or allure come anywhere near my local Macy's. I actually think it's the smell of that funky Chinese food court restaurant... but I digress. I want the following, Macy's, and I think you should oblige. Merci.

(p.s. I apologize for the picture size, but I had a hard time figuring out where to find a picture of these I could save... click on the links below for better detail!)

INC Fringe Trim Cardi

INC Sleeveless Sequin Stripe Dress
(Hi there, Haute Hippie copy. You are cheaper. I love you.)

Many of you may be thinking, Heellloooo Justine... this is not new news. Macy's roxors! Or whatever... but honestly, I never seem to have luck there. Of course, there is a hefty section of BCBG items, but why shop at Macy's when you can go to one of their many locations in Dallas? So it gets a pass-by. But I think I'm going to make a stop tomorrow and check it out-- see if I can catch these beautes in person. Because that cardiagan has to be mine. Has to be. Stat.


  1. Eek! I've been drooling over that cream fringe sweater ever since seeing it in an ad in a magazine a week or two ago, love it. Just one question- I wonder how INC's stuff fits? I notice their smallest size is a "small", and I'm the size of a 10 year old, so I always worry about that stuff. If you see it in person, please do a review! I want to order it sooo bad. *makes grabby hands*

  2. That cardi *is* cute!

  3. That is a very valid question. Which is why I needed to see it in person! (p.s. if you still get the kids menu at restaurants YOU'RE MY HERO. I look pre-pubescent, so I know the feeling...)

  4. Have you seen it in person?! Hm? Hm?? I'm dying here. I had a free shipping dealy with Macy's, so I decided to order it last night. My schedule next week is packed, and I just don't think I'm going to make it up to Macy's anytime soon. But now, of course, I have to wait for it to be delivered into my hot little hands and I hope hope hope it works.

    *crosses fingers super hard*

    I got offered a kid's menu a few years ago, it was slightly mortifying. Thankfully, I have an awesome cheekbone structure (thank you, genetics!) that makes my face appear older than my god damn body. :/

  5. So Im going to do a post tomorrow, but I actually was a little disappointed. I dont know... I just had something more rich in person and this was a lot simpler than I thought it would be... you can check out the pics tomorrow when I upload them. Now, I have this horrible obligation to go drink wine with friends. I know, such a hard life. :)