Thursday, November 5, 2009


I credit Anjali at for this find... or maybe I'm mad at her because husband will be mad at me. Well, whichever.... :)

Last year, I went sock-crazy. This was before people were sporting them in my area, and I recall the looks I got walking the streets of Dallas. Some were appalled, some were enticed, and some knew exactly where I got the idea (Shopbop's Fall lookbook 08). This year, socks are more in style, and my drawer full of them is looking a little smaller than I thought... hmmm...


Sock Dreams!!

Socks+ruffles=dreamy. I love this look, and I would wear them with a fun pump like the one shown and a cute sweater dress with a scarf. These are mine. MINE.

I would wear these just they way they are pictures. Adorable! layered over black tights/leggings, some boots, and an oversized sweater.

These might be ridiculous. Or super cute with a simple high-necked dress (and, by necessity of the design, so short that I should be going to a costume party. sowhatwhocares.)

These will not be purchased. Because they are sold out. And I'm crying. Tears... How fun would these be with a patterned dress to catch the eye even more?!


  1. Interesting,they remind me of the legwarmer craze from a few years ago; i like the lace ones a lot

  2. LOL, glad I could enable you! Socks are such a fun indulgence, and they are so cheap too, so I think it's okay :) Those ruffley ones you posted are sooo adorable, somehow I didn't see them before. And of course all the rest are looking mighty good to me too!

    The last ones you posted (the Fern Over the Knees) *shooould* still be in stock in black I think? Or were you, like me, smitten with the gray/flannel color? I emailed them and they said they already have an order in with the supplier to restock! I can let you know when they do if you would like :)

  3. Really?? Cool, thanks! I thought I saw them sold out in both but I think I must have been looking incorrectly. The grey are superior, though. :)

  4. Ooh. Yes. Looove socks. Especially knee-highs. Check out :)

  5. The grays are back in stock now :) (That was fast!)