Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good News/Bad News

... for me, that is. No worries, your lives are not affected.

1. GOOD NEWS: There is a Dallas Etsy Expo today! Yay! I've been wanting to support the local market more lately and have been searching Etsy for Dallas merch but have been a little unlucky. Too many shops! I get overwhelmed. But today, they're all going to be under one little roof. Or big roof. I'm sensing some holiday shopping!

2. BAD NEWS: LuLu's totally sold out of my dress. You know, the "One" to get me over my shoes? One minute it's there, the next its gone. Which is depressing. But, I have my eye on this dress, which will be more than 50% off with a few coupons and sales...

LaRok Blushing Ruffle Dress, originally $198, My price= $84

This is good news, yes... but the price is more than double the original "One." And that pin! Sad... I'm still on the lookout from one of those sites, as the less I spend= the more I can save (to spend later. What? You think I have self-control? HA!). But this is a good alternative, since LaRok is great (I love their dresses), it's a brag-worthy sale, the color is purple (eek and eep!), and I could do a lot with this bay-bah. We shall see, lovies. We shall see.

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