Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why aren't I asleep?

Two reasons, really:

1. I must be uber sensitive to time changes/jet lag because even though I've been back for over 1 week now, my circadian rhythms are still messed up. Yeah, that's it... circadian rhythms.
2. I got a present and I'm kinda excited. Teehee. Look at how pretty/cute/AWESOME it is!! (courtesy the Hubs, awww.)

Big Buddha Mia Bag (click me, I dare ya)

Ruffles/flowers? CHECK. Animal print? CHECK CHECK. Gorgeous color? CHECKCHECKCHECK. And this brand is amazing. Chloe (www.chloeconspiracy.blogspot.com) posted on the brand not too long ago, but I've been a devoted follower since my retail days at a Dallas boutique. Not only are the prices very reasonable, but the material is nice and holds up well. The purse I currently carry every day is a cute purple Big Buddha, but it may be retiring time. I'm so harsh on my bags that they scuff up easily (i.e. I kick them around on the ground, throw them places, leave them on the concrete when eating on patios, etc). Although I still get compliments on the ole' girl, I have to say I'm stoked to debut my new pretty very, very soon.


  1. Aaaagggghhhh that is utterly divine!

  2. Seriously! I know I keep saying this but MY GOD, WOMAN. You're like my freaky twin. I've been lusting after that bag for awhile now- it reminds me of a pretty Valentino bag that I will only hold in my dreams. While crying.

    Great present!

  3. That bag is a very good Valentino copy for the price! Good husband :)