Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sounds like most of you think I should return those shoes (sobbing). Well... ok. You're right. I deserve a shoe that fits, right? Not some pair that will treat me wrong, give me blisters and make me cry. Screw abusive shoes! We independent women don't need them.

And to celebrate my independence from the abusive shoes, this will take it's place. (rebound!) I mean, I think it will... if I do the bad thing of clicking BUY ME NOW.

LuLu's Goodness Me Dress, $35

Goodness me is right, this dress is so great! Here's why it's a perfect buy:
1. Removable pin. That cute little feather and crystal pin can be detached for a more casual look, or if I want to steal it and put it on a blazer with jeans for a little pizaaazzzzz. (jazz hands included)
2. Purple. Plain and simple, it has my favorite color. (with the best accenting colors: grey and silver!) I need more purple in my life; I always need more purple.
3. Hello? It's $35. Getting a dress and a pin for $35 is a steal. Oh, and I'm banned from purchasing anything on my Christmas wish-list (obvi, even though it's a lot harder than it sounds-- hi yes Texture Study dress DO NOT SELL OUT BEFORE HUBBY GETS TO IT THANKS), so I need new obsessions.

I am so over those shoes. Hello, new lovah!


  1. That dress is fabulous, you definitely deserve in it in lieu of the shoes! I love your blog and I gave you a shout out in mine today -

  2. This dress is way better than the abusive shoes! I love this dress so much. I wish I knew my new years eve plans, because if they're fun enough, this dress might work!

  3. hey just found your blog, love it! just wanted to let you know the texture study dress from anthro is on sale now for 79. Not only that but you look pretty small, and I just had to hunt down a size XS for myself. I called about five stores before I found it. you better get your hubby on it stat if you want this dress! BTW I love it on you! (saw that post)

  4. Oh, and a couple of the stores that did have it in stock when I called were these phone numbers, I didn't write down their location names though:

  5. Wow, thanks!!! So sweet! I don't know for sure, but I think he actually did get it (and on sale) before it went away for good. He kinda grinned at me when I mentioned it, so I think that's good news? hehe... Only Christmas will tell!!