Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday... part deux?

I thought about it long and hard. I said, "Justine? It's a holiday. Indulge."

OK so I didn't really indulge, but I did take advantage of 20% off at a certain unnamed website for a certain someone who may or may not read this blog... and the free shipping at Forever 21.

Listen. I've just about OD'ed on F21. I've spent way too much money there, and it's all because I've been more into quantity over quality lately. (though, see my recent post on how I've been generally impressed with their quality...) I think it's a mixture of a budget and a desire to remake my wardrobe a bit, but I have to quit. For a while, at least. I should be saving up my money for nicer, classic items that are luxe and indulgent. (devil's advocate says: But that's what birthdays and Christmas are for, right?) No no no! Seriously, I'm done. Now. After this order that just went through.

(Is it a little bad of me to be a label-whore? My designer pieces' closet space are getting overtaken by F21 and Charlotte Russe. Ugh.)

At any rate, here is what I couldn't resist. Really, can you blame me?!

Above: Skirt, Satin Zip Skirt, $17.80
Jacket, Sequin 3/4 Sleeve Blazer, $32.80

That jacket is perfect for the relatively low-key holiday events I'll attend this year, and the skirt? Well, 1. It looks good with the jacket, and 2. It's adorable. 'Nuff said.

This is my less idiotic purchase. One of those very practical and classic purchases. So now I can feel a little better. :)


  1. I saw that sequin blazer today and it's an eye catcher. So cute. If you can rock that, do it. I'm with you on F21 and just visiting lower priced retailers in general lately.

  2. Oh, I hear ya sister. I recently had the exact same thought- perhaps it's time to pipe down a bit on the F21, Go Jane, and Charlotte Russe orders and focus a bit back to my beloved Nanette.

    But at the same time- trendy pieces are just that. Trendy. There are so many trends out there right now I just can't justify spending an exorbitant amount of money on, you know? F21 is GREAT for that.

    But I am happy to say that Husband bought me my Christmas gift early this year, and I always think that splurging on a handbag is worth it, since the "price per wear" tends to be better in the long run. Hee hee, Chloe Math. *rubs hands together*

    Cute finds, though!

  3. I plan to try to rock it, at least! I've actually been wanting something sequin since the trend came in and hadn't broke down, until now. I love that it's silver instead of the typical black-- totally fun. I'll post a pic with it when I get it!

  4. Ok, where the heck was this post last night when I was trying to find one more cute thing to add to my shopping cart at F21? Cause seriously.... I need that skirt now!

    Geesh, life is hard when shopping online at F21 causes me this much turmoil.. haha!

  5. Yeah, I know about the trends. I think it's time to again invest in those nice jeans and cashmere sweaters. But I'm still having fun with what I've scored in the low-end stores! :) Can't wait to see the mystery purse! (oh and p.s. my mom taught me the "Divide By" rule when I was a wee-one. GMTA.)

  6. haha... aww, sorry! I've failed my lovies. :( I've heard through the grapevine that this isn't the last we'll see of F21's free shipping for the season... I'll be sure to post about it when/if I find out.