Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All I want for Christmas is THIS.

There are many other blogs that do a much better job reviewing new Anthropologie items, but I couldn't resist myself here... I WANT THIS DRESS.

Anthropologie's On the Fold Dress
(Im having blogging technical difficulties... and have re-done this post about three times. So Im keeping this short...)
What's that you say? Corey Lynn Calter? A usual suspect. Her frocks are fabulous. The shape of this dress is perfect for so many body-types. The fabric lusters with a silk-cotton blend sheen. The colors are divine. It's a show-stopper, lovies! Too bad my newly implemented (TIGHT) budget will deter me from a purchase at the moment, but if I'm still dreaming about this, it may be in my future. Time will tell... I'll be looking for this at the Anthro near my parents this Friday... and I might take it home with me. When husband isn't looking. (yeah... nice dream, Justine.)

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