Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love. U.O. makes a comeback in my book!

Many of you may recognize the name Jane Aldridge-- she blogs on SeaofShoes.com (she lives right by me!) She recently teamed up with U.O. to create a shoe line, and this is my favorite. How pretty are these shoes!? Good job, Jane. Keep it up.

Speaking of Urban Outfitters, I have recently renewed my love. I think the problem I have with the store is the website-- those models just never look quite cute enough to spark the flame of my desire for an item. (Am I the only one that feels they need a site and model overhaul?) Anyway, I went into the store yesterday for fun, and I remembered why I used to love that place. The prices are (usually) right, the items are unique, and hellloooo, it's an Anthro company! I got the cutest leopard (oh god, YES I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM) pastel racerback tank for... get this... FIVE DOLLAHS! I'll pair it with my "winter white" F21 jacket and show ya'll soon. Here are some of my lusts right now...
Sparkly skirt? Oh yesplease.
So versatile!
How elegant... perfect color for an ethereal winter.
(I'll just take this WHOLE OUTFIT THANKS.)
I have an unhealthy obsession with this season's velvet.

Check out their holiday catalog... and you can get 10% off with code Merryhappy!!


  1. Holy hell, I love those shoes!!

  2. ha! Yep, so pretty. I hope the reviews are wrong, because it says the pink isn't as pretty in person...