Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Verdict...

OK... so first disclaimer: this sweater is not the same one from the website. I didn't see the exact one the website shows (I scoured the racks, even behind other items)-- this was all there was. So in reality, I can't make many judgments on the online version. This one is very similar, but many of the super-pretty details the online one features are missing on the sweater seen below. Also, it's about 5 inches shorter. Which might be preferable to some, but I'd prefer it longer.

Although XS isn't an option, the S fits all right. Especially with a long sleeved shirt underneath. I think I actually liked the black better, even though online I didn't even give the black a second-look. All in all, I definitely didn't purchase the one in the store, but I'm still not convinced I wouldn't like the one featured online. In other words, I still have hope!

p.s.: Didn't try on the sparkly shift, but it was very pretty in person and would look so fun with tights and heels for a party!


  1. Oh hey! I actually really like that one on you. It's very classic looking, very chanel-inspired. I think it must be this one- I was looking at it online.

    I did order the longer one, and it shipped yesterday, so hopefully I'll have a review up by Friday- I am hoping to wear it over dresses. But if I hate it, the shorter one you're wearing might be an option...*makes grabby hands*

    Thanks for the review, lovely!

  2. First off, I think the short version looks great on you! Both colors, but I prefer the ivory.
    The moment I saw this cardigan in an ad I had to have it. My husband works for corporate Macys right in the Herald Square building so I had him march right down stairs to get it for me. They had the tunic length version. I already wore it this weekend over the Anthropologie Betine dress in plum. You should try to see if you can get it in tunic length... If not the shorter version still looks awesome on you!

  3. FabulousFloridaMommyDecember 1, 2009 at 4:08 PM

    I tried both the longer and shorter versions of this jacket and actually like the shorter one better. I agree that the black is very pretty IRL, too. I have both colors right now and can't decide which one to keep...maybe both? Did you end up getting one?

  4. I haven't yet. When I showed the photos to my husband, he didn't like it, and I'm not totally convinced I like it on me either. I might still get it if I'm jonesin' for a new sweater, but time will tell. :) Personally, I like the details on the longer one better, but the shorter one is probably more versatile. Hard to decide! hehe

  5. FabulousFloridaMommyDecember 1, 2009 at 4:22 PM

    The short one is on sale right now (in case you didn't know this already). Did you try it unbuttoned or with just a couple of them done? The longer one was nice in the ivory color, but I didn't care for the gold accents on the black one. I like the silver much better with the black on this particular sweater. :)