Monday, November 2, 2009

Pretty Little Things...

It is now time for another installment of "Pretty Little Things," i.e. THIS IS WHY I'M IN LOVE WITH ETSY.

Join me, won't you? :)
Clairelafaye, $88

Genevievedietz, $95

ShugaRose, $55

yystudio, $159.80

SmadarsTreasure, $68

I'm not kidding about ruffles/frills problem I have, lovies. Look! It's a problem! I think it's a reaction to last Fall's "I'm a badass and I wear black" phase I went through. However...I have to say... I'm not yet ready for FA (frills anonymous). Do you blame me, can you blame me? The details, the sparkle, the texture. It's seducing and intoxicating.

By the way, get a load of the winter-white choices. Nice. :)


  1. I love the jacket with the ruffles!

  2. As you can see the frills got me yesterday.

  3. I love love love everything from Clairelafaye- I swear, you and I could be Etsy twins. ;)