Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1st eBay selling and Fall 09 trends

Whew! I have to say, my first experience selling on eBay was stressful. Staring at the price, refreshing every 2 minutes... come on, just one more dollah! ONE MORE DOLLAR!!!


It was successful, though, and I plan to do it again. It beats my local consignment stores, for sure.

On another note, I need to impose a shopping-restriction until around the holidays (after Thanksgiving, I think). I've gone a little mad lately, and my closet is starting to shape up to the point of it being ridiculous to buy another item. Funny, because I don't think I bought the top trends. Let's review.

1. OTK boots: nope. As much as I wanted them, tried them on, and stalked styles online, I never bit the bullet. There is still time, yes, but the excitement has worn down a bit.

2. Fur. OK, yes. :) I plan to post an OOTD with it soon. It is the cutest faux fur vest from Limited, and it's the only one I found that looked slightly real.

3. Sequin leggings. No. Though I still think I'd rock em, they're so specific to going out-on-the town, and let's face it. I'm an old married woman now. :)

4. Faux leather/pleather. Besides purses and accessories, this is a no. I'm just not edgy enough. (LIFE-TIP: Know your limitations.)

5. Boyfriend/structured jacket. Nopedy-nope-nopers. Again, I want one. But I have so many jackets, and with the winter coming, I know I'd opt for a wool coat rather than a lightweight structured shoulder. Too bad, though. Maybe if this persists through Spring (which I'm sure it will), then I'll bite then.

Sigh. Despite my lack of a trendy wardrobe, which is quite surprising, I'm still happy with my pieces. There will never be a slow down of fashion trend, and I have my whole life to whoooor myself out. Right? right.

That being said, how did you fare with Fall's trends, lovies???


  1. I need to go on a shopping hiatus as well... I can't even fit more into my closet!

    I got the several pairs of tall boots (making it a grand total of 11 pairs I own now...but I swear they are all different...)

    I got a bizzilion pairs of all sorts of tights, yellow, blue, pink, purple, sweater, lacey, etc.

    I've gotten jackets and coats - old navy funnel neck, pleather, Channel knock off...

    Statement necklaces galore. but those are great all year round.

    Anyways. Till after Tgiving! That's a good date. ;)

  2. Nice shoppin! And haha, I know, I laugh out loud when I read what I wrote. After Thanksgiving. I conveniently (subliminally planned?) am going to wait until Black Friday. Awesome. :)

  3. My little tweed winter shorts just arrived from Gap yesterday and of course I needed little booties to go with them!
    New post on it's way!

  4. Justine,this is Aneliza Jones, don't know if you remember me, I'm the girl from Romania, we had several classes together at UD. Came across your blog and I love it, awesome job. Read some older posts too, congratulations on your marriage, the dress was adorable, you made such a beautiful bride!

  5. What is your ebay seller name?? I'd be into checking out what you have for sale!!

  6. I do remember you! How are you? Thanks for the compliments... hope all is well and I'm glad you're liking the blog! :)

  7. Thanks! There's nothing there right now. I'm thinking about doing some more, like I said, so stay tuned if you'd like! A pair of GORGEOUS Badgley Mischka black satin pumps and a one of a kind tulle dress are on the way... (seller name = justinelise)