Monday, November 23, 2009

Successful weekend

I know I'm the most fickle person alive... I did not get the LaRok dress. However, I got some fun stuff instead! It was quite successful.

1. A while back, I posted about my disappointment regarding F21's Twist line-- mostly that they didn't sell many of the items I wanted. Fortunately, it appears they kept the line running longer than I expected and stocked several of the things I lamented not seeing initially. Most importantly, they have a version of the necklace I loved!!

This thing is hard to find. The site sometimes has it, and the stores sold it quickly. At least here in Dallas. I got the last one in black in stock (the white is gorgeous, but too similar to the Ranuncula's necklace to buy). OK, so it's not the exact same (the one in the picture must've been the "pilot" version?), but it's still very pretty. It has unfinished fabric edges, though I know some of you don't like that. I do. I think it gives such a handmade look and I love it. Also, the real one isn't as pointed at the bottom; it's more straight across... as you can see below. Oh, and the rhinestones at the center are a nice touch, not to mention a pretty satin ribbon! Such a pretty piece for only $12...

I also got a sweater from Twelve by Twelve that's not yet on the site-- I'll have to do an OOTD with it soon. It is so cute, and like I've been saying a lot lately, does not look like it came from a store meant for tweens. Yeah and two skirts... again, their wonder will only show in an OOTD. (I have a lot of outfits to try on...)

Here is today's OOTD, featuring... drumroll please... The Color Drenched Dress from Anthro! Yippee! I couldn't help myself when I saw it there... all by its lonesome... for 75% off. It's a size too large (2), but nothing a little sweater/belt action can't fix. Or a tailor if I'm so inclined.

Dress: Anthro Color Drenched Dress

Belt: Express oldie but goodie

Cardi: LINE ruffles cardigan

Tights: BCBG cashmere cable knits

Boots: Nine West rugged slouchy boots

Necklace: hell if I know...


  1. oh this is too hilarious for me- I have that necklace (in cream) and the dress, also a size two and too big, that I wore pretty similarly the one time I've worn it thus far. weird, right?

  2. Love the dress! perfect when belted. What would we do without belts? lol.

  3. I love that belt!

  4. heh! Weird-- we must have the same taste. That's good taste. :)

  5. Thanks! It was one of those things I had for years and never wore, then resurrected. Gotta love closet-diving.