Monday, November 9, 2009

Unexpected finds

I got out of work a little early today... which means I GO SHOPPIN'. Heeeeellllsss yeah.

Anyway, I found some great items that I hadn't seen online (oh and I stalk F21. So yeah. It must be new... and p.s. a few of these literally JUST showed up online) and I took some fitting room pics. Pardon the graininess, but the combo of iPhone/bad lighting makes for not-so-detailed pics.

First one is a bit of a lie in that I've been looking at this skirt online for some time. But I needed to try it on to see it in action. I'm kinda in love. A little (LOT) bit.

F21 Tweed Bow Skirt

Dear F21... please lengthen your skirts. I don't want to be a hoochy mamma. Thank you. Seriously though, I would probably be wearing this pretty little strawberry-colored skirt with tights 9 out of 10 times. Which is perfectly fine, seeing as though bare legs in winter is not preferable, but I just like a little more leeway. Sigh.

This dress you may recognize from ModCloth's website. I loved this dress online, and I'm not sure it's the same as ModCloth's, but again. The length. Come, now. WAY TOO SHORT. Child pleeeeease. (Sassy much?)

Tiered Velvet Trim Dress

It's so cute! And again, with leggings or tights I love it. But I couldn't ever do without them. Which takes away from the versatility... is it just me or is this one shorter than ModCloth's version?? Hmm....

This last one is the cutest holiday party dress, with much of the same problem. Length. Maybe I just have long legs.


No name beauty ... hasn't yet popped up online.

Oh. My. Pockets. POCKETS. SPARKLE. BOWWWWWWW. Pardon the anneurism, but I love this. There was the slightest bit of hem that I could take down, aaaaannnddd I can wear a short dress to a party, right? Oh God I love this. It was generally well-made, too (well-made for a $27 dress, that is). I actually even imagine this with a dark denim jacket and patterened tights for a fun lunch date on a blustery winter afternoon. I'm getting ahead of myself, yes.

Whatcha think? Like these? Don't like them? Agree that F21 dresses are made for girls who are less than 5 feet tall? Discuss.


  1. Oh yes, F21 is for short people. With long torsos.

    I've said that for AGES... all of my friends would spend $40 and have brand new outfits for a night out... and I would either have to slut-out or spend a fortune at some other store to get something.

    I ADORE the red skirt - too cute!!

    The bow holiday dress is cute too - it's awesome.

    The middle one.. I'd skip it.

  2. Solution: Just don't bend over!!!
    Yes, F21 has some great "ideas" but I can't help but feel like I'm shopping for my son's nonexistent girlfriend when I go in there....awkward at best!
    Yet in all seriousness...for a married old lady you look great in it all!

  3. Hiya! I just started subscribing to your blog - and I have to agree. I'm so mad at XX1's dresses. They're incredibly too short. The only things I've ever bought there were necklaces :(

  4. Love the tweed skirt! I can picture it with a little black sweater, tights - perfect for holiday party. A nice departure from classic "Christmas" red. I have a strange love of tweed.

  5. Lovies, you're right... F21 is for midgets. Or hoochy mammas. But I still heart them...

  6. totally agree. I would spend way more at F21 if they added 3 inches to everything. (sometimes 5 inches!)...I have some DIY alterations going still because I love some of the concepts.