Monday, August 31, 2009

Style of the Day: Brocade Brigade

I love brocade. I've struggled with this for some time. Because it seems to me that one has to be careful with such a heavy, weighed-down material. It can also appear mature; a 20-some-odd should be careful, my instincts say.

But, I've learned over the years that fashion is NOT about rules. It's about getting around the rules.

Here's an example: my mom always taught me never to wear black growing up. "It conceals," she said. I didn't have anything to conceal. NOTHING. Catching my drift? Anyway.

I grew up afraid of the color black. Which is why I believe I always took a chance with colors-- with no go-to black in my closet (the ever-amazing LBD ne'er by my side), I had to rely on the other neutrals and pops of color to get me through. (I know, I know, *waaahhh*. But it's proving a point, so just listen, gahh...) In the process, I learned that sometimes, mom/"the rules" aren't always right. (Sorry, momma! You give good advice otherwise! heh)

So, here we are, Justine in her mid-20s, and trying to defy the rules that "people" assume have to be there (no white after Labor Day? Watch me! Black and brown don't mix? Yeah right). Why can't I wear brocade? Here is my take, lovies, on a rich, elegant fabric.

Betsey Johnson at ShopStyle

I love pairing the unexpected. Even when that means taking a risk like wearing skulls, brocade, and caged shoes all at the same time. I can picture a tall, mysterious woman, walking the streets of NYC on a cool, drizzly night, the streets shining with rain... And this outfit.

Yes. Breaking the rules is fun. :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Budget Buster vs. Stylish Substitute

Here's another find of mine, although it's admittedly not the exact same...

I've been drooling over the Pelle Moda Kammi bootie for some time now but missed out when it was on a pretty good sale. Now it's full price again/on sale for like $15 less. Now I have to wait for another decent sale. Jeez.



Go Jane has these similar booties that may do the trick for me! Maybe.

GoJane cheapos... worthy? yay or nay?

Help me, lovies! Are these worth waiting for (Pelle Moda makes a good shoe), or should I just get the GoJane knock-offs instead? I mean, the details of the Pelle Moda version are seriously superior, but honestly, the overall look is the only thing that people notice when they're on your feet (I mean, unless you're me and you creep people out at the mall by staring at their feet and making grimaces to tell if they are reaaaaaally those new Pour la Victoires or not. What?!).

p.s.: Sorry for the gagillion posts about shoes lately. I'm just a little obsessed with the new Fall shoe trends!

p.p.s. Don't spend your Saturday night watching Bring It On: All or Nothing. It's not good. I promise.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Restaurant week YUM.

TGIF! Hope your Friday evenings are finding you well... lots of merriment and fun and the like.

If you can't already tell by previous posts, I love me some food. And Dallas is the place to be for that. Most restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the Nation...

But I digress.

Here is what I'm wearing! Woohoo!

Dress: Rachel Pally batwing dress
Shoes: Nine West brown platform pumps

Necklace: old Express, wayyyy before the statement necklace was a statement :)

Oh I love Rachel Pally so much! Her stuff is so soft... and my fave word: COMFY.

I'm late! Gotta go!

Couldn't hold out any longer....

Sorry, fiancee of mine. But you can't hold me back. I'm like a crack addict that never recovers. Shopping is a part of me. Just learn to accept it, K? tee-hee. O:-)

Loooook how preeeeety! Courtesy the beautiful Yoon of Thejewelrybar on Etsy:

I need some nice, not-costume jewelry, and at a price of $38 for gold and real gems? Sold! Done! Sign me up! Fini.

Check out her stuff; you won't be sorry. I promise.

In addition, I've decided to do the very bad thing of buying at least $75 worth of F21 clothing to get free shipping with the intention of returning most of it.

Read: intention.

So once that arrives, I'll do a little review of some pieces I'm afraid to let pass me by. So much lately has sold from right under my feet... err, cart. Gotta stop letting that happen. Honestly, I've seen people asking how to shop at F21, given their overwhelming selection and sometimes messily-kept shop. Here's my tip (if anyone wants it... Tim Gunn?? HA.)-- BUY ONLINE. Free shipping over $75, and you can get refunds! The way to go.

F21.... Always good for some fun cheapies. I know, I know... I totally just posted about how I have to stop buying crap. But, on a very tight budget (I'm getting paid NADA right now...), a love for passing trends, and a seemingly stepped-up quality (is that just me? have you noticed that, too??), it's ok. Right? Yes. I'll just buy my jeans, shoes, purses and coats at Nordstrom. OK. Good.

And for some brain mush that I could NOT stop staring at last night, courtesy Conan O'Brien: PUPPIES DRESSED AS CATS. Omigod. Love.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Just have to brag here, for a second...

Tim Gunn definitely just commented on my blog.


Guess that's what happens when you know people in high places (i.e., my fashion-industry father-- thanks, daddy-o!).

Big smiles!! :)

Fun Finds...

Hey lovies! My day is still very busy. Boo. But, I have a find. Yay!
I tend to scour Etsy because I'm convinced I'll find some pieces I can have and hold forever and forever... and it's pretty true! My wedding jewelry was made by a wonderful shop-owner (thanks, PenelliBelle! Love my stuff...), and I have the most adorable skirt ever from Babooshka Boutique (I'll model it before the summer's end). Here is a new store that I think is so romantic and flirty... some items that would be great staple pieces: Zelaya.

Here are some images of the items I plan on snapping up:

Ohhhh, ahhh, pretty. I love the wrap featured above. The cascading flowers? The color choices she offers? The fact that its a jersey wrap? Yes to all, please. And her prices are affordable. Which makes life on a budget just a liiiiittttle bit easier.

And on another note: I closet-dove the other night. Have you ever gone closet-diving? It's when you remember that you, at some point in your life, owned an item you loved and haven't seen it in ages. This happens to me. A lot. Because:

A) I'm not very organized with my clothes.

B) I'm not at all organized with my clothes.

C) I have too many things to remember what I have. Which sounds great, but admitedly, most of the stuff is crap. I need to stop buying crap.

Well, lovies, on my closet dive, I found this several-season-old Charlotte Russe military-style cotton jacket that is (fortuitously) back in style this season! Yay! When it gets just a tad bit cooler, I'll model that one, too. I can't wait... it's like a new item! But without the wallet-dent! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sometimes my days are so slow I want to pull out my teeth, one at a time. Sometimes they are full of drama and work.

Today is the latter

So again, this post is an apology rather than something fun. You're going to have to live with it, lovies. I can only be spread so thin! :)

Good news, though. My amaaaaazing wedding photographers sent me my pictures from my bridal shoot today. They are so pretty and vogue and glossy and everything I wanted. I want to post the link, but I'm a little worried about the world seeing me in that personal of a sense. And I can't post individual pictures until after the wedding. So... I will for sure share some. But not now. Just be understanding again, ok? OK.

To leave you with a fashionable thought, here are my new fave shoes, found on Endless today (Velvet Angels, love):
Why do I have to want everything I find? Argh.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holy Crapola.

My super-amazing FSIL (future sister in law, thanks Cathy!!) pointed these out to me today whilst searching for the perfect bridesmaid shoe... although these are not it, they are MINE MINE MINE. That is, when I can spend money again. OMG I want them right now.

I'm feeling a 2-year-old temper tantrum come on. I apologize.
Nina, $99

Gaudy? A little. Amazing? Yes, 100%. I mean, they would have the sole (gahh, no pun intended... ok yes, PUN INTENDED!) purpose of dancing and sipping martinis while on my feet, but whatever. I do that! Sometimes. Everything else would be simple and muted... LBD, possibly. Maybe they'll inspire me to create an outfit around them with Polyvore. Stay tuned, lovies...

You liked that dress?

Well if you did, check out what Shopbop just put on their website. Looks just like my dress, only a white tee shirt version! Funny how I find this the day after blogging it:
Torn By Ronny Kobo, $99

Well... if that doesn't suit you, there's also this:

Remove Formatting from selection
Free People, $148

It's with silver embellishments, not the gold, but it's the exact same dress otherwise.

Maybe I'm being a bitch... but I like the gold better. Heh. :-P

Monday, August 24, 2009

dinner dress...

I love this dress. I bought it from a boutique in Dallas last fall, and it's by Free People. It has a cool, Indian-vibe to it. The only pain-in-the-buttocks thing is, it's pretty short. I can't really wear it without tights or leggings, which I feel like detracts from wearability of the dress. I don't get much use out of it, but when I do, I feel pretty and put-together.

I'm wearing it with my paisley cut-out earrings from F21, Nordstrom shiny leggings (not liquid leggings, be specific...) and some BCBGirls oxford booties (which you can't see... but you will eventually. I wear them a lot). I have a really cute Juicy Couture wool capelet that I will wear with it when it's cooler out... and then some knee-high boots. Fall, why won't you come to meeee nowwww??? :(

Hope everyone's Monday found them well!

I need these, yep, thanks.

All from ...


A few things....

I feel a little all over the board today! Maybe it's just Monday... but I do have a dinner to look forward to tonight. Check this-- (80s, anyone??) A restuarant in Dallas called Trece sponsors FREE TWO COURSE MEALS on monday nights if you make a reso ahead of time. I'm gettin' me some free Tex-Mex tonight! Wahoo! :) Anyone in Dallas should seriously take advantage of this. Gotta be a smart Recessionista, these days. Heh.

First-- an anncouncement! I am now officially a Shop It To Me Trendsetter! Check out my little icon on the side bar... down there... yes. I've always loved Shop It To Me-- uhhh, send me a link to all the new sales? Yes, please. Me being a Trendsetter means they've recognized me as one of their fave places to check out trendy-topics and fashion news. A nice little award, if I do say so myself. Look for my site to be in the "Style + Fashion" corner by the weekend. Also, I'll keep you posted if I do a guest post on their blog any time soon. Which I may. :)

Second-- an outfit. I didn't have time last Friday to do my "In A Perfect World" post, so here is something similar...

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

The best thing is? Drumroll please.... The two key pieces are none other than F21. Which means (most) of that outfit is affordable. Be looking for those two pieces on me soon... that is, when my imposed shopping-ban is over. When F-H decides I can spend again. Boo. I think the rest of the outfit is copy-able in a cheaper way... so I'll figure it out.

Oh, don't worry. I will. :-P

Third-- have ya'll checked out Guilt Fuse? This morning they're featuring one of my fave fashion-jewelry brands, Sequin. Then later in the week, they'll have Mara Hoffman, Plenty by Tracy Reese, AND Black Halo. Love. Why again am I on a shopping ban? Oh yeah. My F-H has a problem with my spending. Whatevs.

Fourth-- a quick thank you to all my readers. I've only been up and running for a few weeks now, and I've gotten a lot of love on this blog. I'm still not much of a "blogging somebody," but I plan to continue to blog my best and keep at it dutifully. I hope to keep bringing those of you who like this thing fun fashion and some hilarity from my life periodically. Why? Because I love you. Yes. YOU. And if YOU have any comments or suggestions.... please tell me. I'm totally open. And I can take criticism, as long as it's constructive.

At least, I think I can. But try me. Fo'realz.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday discovery!

Hey lovies! Quick Sunday night post tonight. I get what FH and I call the "Sundays," which is a gross depression that sets in after watching "True Blood." (omigod isn't Eric so hot? I think Sookie should seriously just get rid of wet-blanket Bill... anyone else agree? Just me??) So to combat said-Sundays, here are some great finds from a website I found whilst reading the 15th ann'y InStyle (
Ruffle Skirt, $98
Ohhh so cute! I know, I know... ruffles are everywhere, but still. Im a sucka.

Two-tone Bandage Dress, $136
Suuuuper cute Herve Leger style bandage dress. I've seen many replicas, but this one looks very nice. The length isn't too short, and I like the colors together. I approve. :)

Scallop Silk Top, $86
Ahem. Madison Marcus scallop blouse, anyone?! Yeah, total rip off, but at the price, I'd take it! A few different colors, also... me likey.

Maybe Sundays aren't so bad after all?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anthropologie fun-day

Gaahhh I love this store. I'll take one of everything, please! Yes, send those straight to my apartment. But, oh... make sure they are invisible to future-husbands. Thanks.

I decided to go and make some cute outfits out of things I loved in the store. Hey-- if I can't buy it because I don't have an extra $1,000 sitting around, I might as well take some great pics of my ideas! Problem today was the store was crazy-busy. I had to wait for a room, so I felt a little guilty taking forever in the dressing room with no intention of buying anything. Here is what I could do in the time I had (p.s.: sorry for the somewhat blurry pictures... iPhones for ya...):

Anthro Sparrow Texture Study Dress
I loved this dress! I've had my eye on it since it came in. It fit a little loose, but with slight tailoring, it would be perfect. Great for the winter and fall! I really wish I had the $150 for it... sigh. Interesting note: there were little slits at the high waist revealing a tad bit of skin. I had no idea until I was taking it off!

Deletta's Blooming Phlox tank
Viola's Revelations Skirt

Oh man. Love this too! So fall-inspired! The top looks great with so many outfits (see next image), and this skirt is so pretty and comfortable (just ignore the tank under the top-- I was too lazy to take it off). I can imagine a lot of use out of these. Good news is the top is not super expensive ($58), but the skirt is more like $100. Hmm.

Same top...
Knitted and Knotted's Declarative Skirt

Holy ish-t, I love this skirt! ugh... The peplum is adorable, and the material (which you can't see in this picture) is a gorgeous textured knit, like a pointelle. I love love love it with that top. For $128, I'm planning to scrape the bottom of the money barrel to find this cash to buy it. Soon. Really soon. (donations, anyone?! heh.) It would be perfect throughout both Fall and Winter.

Same top, AGAIN
Idra's Gust and Breeze Anorak

For anyone who may recall, I was debating this jacket a while back. Although it's linen and probably not appropriate for Fall or Winter, I really like it. Aren't the colors together pretty? that slate grey and mustard yellow, paired with some great jeans. The jacket was insanely wrinkled at the store, making me think (and reading the reviews) that it might wrinkle like that after some wear. The shape of it is nice, with the cinched waist, though it could have used a little taking-in near the bust. That's what you get for having no boobs. Great.

Project Alabama's Diaphanous Tunic
Ehh... I think this tunic is better on a larger busted girl. Kinda swimmy on me. Not a big fan, to be honest. For all the hype and rave this top has gotten, I'm skeptical. Oh well! (I'm pretty sure Anthroholic tried this one on, too... looked better on her.)

Jonsey's Emerald Estuary Tunic
Gorge. Love. Ruffles. Can't. Talk. (even though I look mad... Maybe I'm mad that I can't have it??)

Of course, with a belt, would look better, but I almost even like it flowy and loose. The color is so pretty and soft, and don't get me started on the ruffles. The ruffles!! :) $78? not too bad. But again, I'm on a shopping restriction for a month. Suck.
Tabitha's Golden Plum Cardi
Skinny Striped Blouse
I love pairing a stripe with a pattern like this, but the problem was the odd fit of that sweater. It can't be belted (too short); it would have to be tailored a bunch. Definitely needs to fit closer to my waist, especially since the blouse underneath isn't super tight. I still really like this outfit. If I had the money, I probably would have gotten it and figured out the fit with my tailor.

OK... that was all that was of note. I ended up calculating how much I would have spent if I got everything I wanted right then-and-there, and it would have been around $700. (pardon while I barf.) Why must you taunt me, Anthropologie? All I ask is that I can have your clothing for free. Is that too much to ask? IS IT?


OK. Sorry. :)

Busy Friday

Sorry I was MIA for a day... yesterday was BRIDAL PORTRAITS DAY! Ugh, I was a frenzied mess, like, all day. But I think the pictures will turn out great-- super glossy, very fashionista-appropriate. I love my photographers for the wedding (thanks Amber and Jeremy!!) I'll be sure to post those when I can (aka, when future hubby decides to stop looking at my blog since he can't see me in my dress!).

Since it's been a while since I've posted some Justine-outfits, I'll post a few from the past couple of days:
Neutral Hues...

LINE cotton cardi that I wear all the freekin time
F21 beaded top
Hudson bootcut jeans
My watch!

Hawaii inspiration!

T-Bags LA top I plan to sport on my honeymoon
Nordstrom leggings
Nine west gold flats
Again, my watch... love.

My new sweater love

Anthropologie Sparrow sweater
F21 floral top (dude I wear a lot of F21)
J Brand jeans

Just a fave...

Ohh lovies, I lovie my burnout tee and Charlotte Russe embellished-bib find!

And a few shoes, to throw them in here :)

A small sample of my shoe rack...

the ones I wore with the F21 floral top, jeans, and Antho sweater... (MICHAEL Michael Kors)

... and just a fave pair of mine (Charles by Charles David)!

I'm still on the fence about my Hawaiian inspired T-Bags top. Too kitschy? Not sure. But I am sure that it will be good for my Hawaiian honeymoon! These pictures make me realize I am everywhere on the scale of fashion... I really don't think I can characterize my style. Rocker? Boho? Romantic? Comfy? All of the above?! What about you? What is your personal style, and can you even call it anything?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Rabbit Hole.

Hello. My name is Justine, and I have a shoe obsession.

Uhh... I don't remember how old I was when this started, but I think it all began when my mother...

Wait, no. Wrong topic.

Anyway, so look at this site that I found while browsing through Polyvore:
It sounds like it should be in English, but it's definitely in Japanese. Or some language that I'm guessing is Japanese that might make me look stupid when someone says, "Duh don't you know that's ____? You idiot?" But get a load of some of these shoesies!! Here are some highlights...

Conversation with future hubby went a little something like this:

J: "OMG, totally look at these shoes! I love these!" (*squeeling like a child, as future hubby plays Tiger Woods Golf for the PS3*).
F-H: "What??"
J: "Well, it's definitely in Japanese (?), but these shoes sure are cool."
F-H: "Japanese??"
J: "uhh... yeah?"
F-H: "Look at you! You're so deep in the rabbit hole of shoes that you've found some obscure Japanese shoe blog."
J: "uhh..... yeah again?"

Can anyone else relate? Do you feel so deep in the world of shoe-land that you might never get out? And that not even a 12-step program could (would) ever take away your love of architectural, sky-high, glittery, glammery shoes?!? I bet you I won't hear pin drops here. :)