Friday, August 14, 2009

In A Perfect World...

I thought I would start a new Friday afternoon theme post called "In a Perfect World..." These posts will be dedicated to my idea of a perfect-world outfit. In other words, if I could spend all the money in the world on clothing and fashion, what would I really wear?

Sometimes I feel like my creativity with fashion gets squandered by budgets. I can't really dress the way I want because I can't justify spending the $400 on a new pair of knee high boots, or the $1000 for a fabulous leather studded moto-jacket. I mean, I try to create my looks for less, of course. But there sometimes just is no substitute for the real thing. Well, lovies, until I am a rich psychologist-to-the-stars (ha), I will just have to settle. Maybe this post will help me get some of those creative juices out, instead of pent up in little ole' me with nowhere to go. Do you ever feel like that? Like reality just...well... bites?!

On to the look: I adore the brand Haute Hippie. Not only do their things look fabu online, but in person, they are works of art. Hand stitched embellishments, luxurious fabrics, and vintage inspired designs make them a go-to in my mind for fantastic fashion. This new Fall sequin shift is similar to the sequin shift I've been desiring and ranting about. And the Anthropologie chunky cardigan is another staple item a fashionista can't live without. Add some heavy duty leather boots, bangles (and grey tights?), and you have an outfit I've been wanting for a year now. (I think I even mentioned this sort of combination in a previous post!) Hope you like her, lovies!

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