Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy Friday

Sorry I was MIA for a day... yesterday was BRIDAL PORTRAITS DAY! Ugh, I was a frenzied mess, like, all day. But I think the pictures will turn out great-- super glossy, very fashionista-appropriate. I love my photographers for the wedding (thanks Amber and Jeremy!!) I'll be sure to post those when I can (aka, when future hubby decides to stop looking at my blog since he can't see me in my dress!).

Since it's been a while since I've posted some Justine-outfits, I'll post a few from the past couple of days:
Neutral Hues...

LINE cotton cardi that I wear all the freekin time
F21 beaded top
Hudson bootcut jeans
My watch!

Hawaii inspiration!

T-Bags LA top I plan to sport on my honeymoon
Nordstrom leggings
Nine west gold flats
Again, my watch... love.

My new sweater love

Anthropologie Sparrow sweater
F21 floral top (dude I wear a lot of F21)
J Brand jeans

Just a fave...

Ohh lovies, I lovie my burnout tee and Charlotte Russe embellished-bib find!

And a few shoes, to throw them in here :)

A small sample of my shoe rack...

the ones I wore with the F21 floral top, jeans, and Antho sweater... (MICHAEL Michael Kors)

... and just a fave pair of mine (Charles by Charles David)!

I'm still on the fence about my Hawaiian inspired T-Bags top. Too kitschy? Not sure. But I am sure that it will be good for my Hawaiian honeymoon! These pictures make me realize I am everywhere on the scale of fashion... I really don't think I can characterize my style. Rocker? Boho? Romantic? Comfy? All of the above?! What about you? What is your personal style, and can you even call it anything?


  1. I think your style ranges from rocker to boho to preppy, but the one underlying theme is a very LA, west coast take on the aforementioned categories.... it's always got a fun, "i don't take my clothes too seriously" vibe...

  2. Okay- you realize that this blog is basically going to be one big convo about clothes right! I like classic stuff with a euro twist (I fit right in across the pond!)and just smidge of S&M! Very German deviant!

  3. haha... I love that you classify it as "S&M". Pretty close to true!! :) I think you're right... I do have a little west coast thing going on. Sometimes I throw a NY in there, too... on a rare occasion. p.s. I love big convos about clothes. :)

  4. I love the Charlotte Russe embellished-bib! Very cute.

  5. Merci! I have found others that are selling for wayyyy too much. This one was a cool $11. That's my kind of price-range. :)

  6. I absolutely love that Charlotte Russe necklace (and the burn out tee)! Is the necklace still available?

  7. Jen-- I've been looking for that necklace for you, and alas, I can't find it! When I bought it, the SA told me that it was a "trial" item, meaning they got a few in and were seeing how it would sell. It was right before the whole trend boomed. But, there are a lot of other similar ones out there... just in case, I'll email 'em to ya. :)

  8. Thanks for checking for me! Let me know if you ever come across it again!