Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sushi: spending the loot...

So fiance had his bachelor party in Vegas this past weekend. Normally, most girls would gasp in horror-- gambling? Strippers? Vice?!? Well jeez, stop reminding me, lovies! But I actually have reason to celebrate his trip-- $1000 worth of celebrating. Funny thing is, he didn't win it playing poker, or blackjack, or some plenty-of-skill respectable way. It was the Wheel of Fortune slot machine in the Vegas airport that sent he and his friends home with thousands. Seriously. Thank you, Pat and Vannah!

So, to celebrate, we decided to go to our fave sushi place last night, The Fish. Here's what I wore:

JEANS: Rich and Skinny Boyfriend studded jeans
SHOES: Steve Madden's from for-evvvv ago
NECKLACE: pretty pearl creation, gifted from fiance
P.S.: Sorry if these pics are shotty. I'm new to all this... and my camera has so many settings that I just look at it and start to tear up because I get a case of sensory overload and just can't figure it out. But I will! Someday!

OK, but the sushi... it was awesome, as always. Anyone living in Dallas (or other Texas locations, as I believe it has other stores) needs to go to this place, stat. It is fantastic! We laughed, we cried, we ate fried shrimp heads (no, we really did! so tasty). You should have seen us, lovies. We were like two kids in a candy store with a wad of cash to blow. (Justine's mother: "Why didn't you save that money?! Don't you have a wedding coming up?! Justine: "Uhhh... yeah. But we did save!... some of it. And the rest we're going to frivolously squander because I've done nothing but save every damn dime that comes my way, despite what this blog might suggest. Pardon the French, madame.)

Then we walked over to the Borders, and I found something I liked:


Most gnomes have a tendancy to creep me out a bit, but this one seemed friendly enough. I did not take him home (we weren't that antsy to spend the dough), but he did hang out with me a bit. As I walked barefoot through the store (I don't care. Whatever. And these shoes, despite their beautiful blinginess, are painful. Ouch.):

Hey, at least I have a pedicure! I got some funny looks, but trust me. If they were wearing these shoes, they would have done the same. Right? Yeah, sure, whatever.


  1. Hi Justine! I love your blog so far! I love your teal blue blouse. Very cute!

  2. mmmm sushi is my ultimate favorite!

    I just got a new camera and i'm totally dreading figuring everything out! good luck :)

  3. Thanks!! It was a steal on sale, too... like $40 for a silk blouse. I thought it was a good buy. :)

  4. Read the manual! I'm just too lazy. hehe...