Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fall Wishlist

OK lovies, so now that I averted disaster (i.e., fixed my work mess), I'm ready to let the inquiring masses know about my Fall top-picks (since I know you're just chomping at the bit, hehe).

I got the 15th ann'y InStyle in the mail last night, and it very much so inspired me to start thinking about the key pieces I feel are needed in a Fall wardrobe. Not that I haven't been obsessing over that for the past month or anything, no no no. :)

1. A pair of skinny jeans (like, duhhh.)
My favorite are the Hudson Collins. ($178) Unlike many of Hudson's jeans, these skinnies fit close to the body, which is hard for me because I have no curves. I have trouble with skinnies that actually fit close to my calves, and these really do. Hudson denim is known for it's comfort and general wearability (they fit almost any body type), and the denim is high quality and rather lightweight. I love them.

2. A fur vest.
I have been holding off on fur for a while, but I just can't seem to keep my eyes off of the ones I've found so far. I prefer faux (not really because I'm an animal activist, mostly because my wallet requires it), and it can be hard to find a realistic and not cheapo-looking fur. However, I feel like BB Dakota's fur vest looks realistic, as does Nordstrom's faux fur vest. ($98) I personally prefer Nordstrom's, in this case.
For those of you who're willing to spend a tad more moulah, check our Juicy's caplet. SOOO FREEKIN CUTE:

3. A front-ruffle/bow blouse.
I'm actually having a hard time finding one I want. Here is a picture of the general style:
Alone, this might have a tendancy to look a bit like a pirate (argh, maties!). However, with a cardigan (see #4), skinnies (see #1!) and a skinny metallic belt, we have an adorable fall outfit. It's versatility is lust worthy-- think even a grey pencil skirt and tailored blazer. So, dear readers out there, if you spot one that is affordable, please send her my way!!

4. Ahem... that cardigan.
I am one of those freaks of nature (remember, I told you I'm bad with classic pieces) that does NOT have a nice cardigan she likes. Sure, jackets a-plenty, but ask me for a staple cardi and I'll pull out some ragged old thing that looks like the moths got to it before I did. HOWEVER. I will turn over a new leaf this fall. (ha! fall... leaf... so clevah. :-P ) Here is my pick, Aqua from Bloomie's ($138):

5. An over-the-knee boot.**
This is tricky. One, the price. Real leather or suede can prove expensive for something that might be a bit trendy. Two, the trash-factor. Heels AND over the knee might be trampy (I say might be, lovies. You may prove me wrong!). So, my pick for the Fall will be suede, grey (or black), and flat to low heeled. This will do the trick, available at Free People ($188):

**Doy! I'm totally editing this, because I just found these that I'm in love with and I want much more than the Free People version. I would post the full picture, but I'm having trouble with it. So just click the link already, ok?! :)**

6. Paper-bag Skirt.
I did something stupid, lovies. I got rid of a beautiful, crimson colored, silk Penguin skirt with a flowery-embossed print. Ugh. I sometimes make bad decisions. It sat high on the waist and had that paper-bag feel. Well, now I need a new one. Hmm... This one from Tulle is crazy-cute, and is soooo cheap!! I see it with my new, long cardi from Anthropologie: (Tulle, $22!!!)

7. Metallic Brogues.
I love pairing things that are feminine with things that are masculine-- polar opposites in fashion attract me. That's why I can see these brogues, some socks, and a skirt as being a fun and fashionable take on Fall trends. I'm IN LOVE with these (Pour la Victoire, $218), from Free People (go figure!):

Sigh. Wishlists are fun, but they are daunting! Maybe these inspirations will get me eating some hotdogs and Spam to save up some money (gross)... So what about you, readers? What are your top-picks for Fall '09 fashion??


  1. Hey, it's Summer. Sorry, not sure where to leave this, but I wondered if you saw that Rich & Skinny jeans were featured on sale on gilt today! :) Thought of ya!

  2. Thanks, Summer!! I love that brand... I wish I were at the computer when it started. :( Boo. hehe

  3. I feel like I've seen over-the-knee boots everywhere today! I've been look at a million shoe websites lately (I just have this thing I gotta do on 10/17) and they've been on the "what's hot" page on all of them. I love them but my fear is looking like Julia Roberts a'la "Pretty Woman".

  4. I totally hear ya! That's why I think you have to do the flat OTK books instead of ones with heels. Less crazy. :)

  5. I just ordered these in brown...

    I PROMISE they won't look trashy- the brown color, chunkier heel, and bull nose toe give it a hippier vibe despite the height....

  6. And I am wearing them with this

    and some tights (I am thinking black for a bit of contrast to the brown boot and floral) in NYC when we go during fashion week (total coincidence we are going then...). Will add a turtleneck when weather gets cool enough

  7. Alicia, you are TOOO ADORABLE. I want your closet. Please? K thanks. :) And you will look hot in your boots. My sex appeal isn't nearly the level of yours. :)

  8. Whatev! Look at your Francesca's number hot mama!

  9. I got the BBDakota fur vest and love it! I ordered from Fred Flare.