Monday, August 17, 2009


Sooo, little lovies... just in case anyone is interested, you may notice I wear a particular watch all the time; it's in (and is bound to be in) many of my pictures. You also may like said watch (I am not presuming you do. But just in case. :) ). This watch was out of stock for some time and looks very much like an expensive watch (think Versace's take)... I get compliments on her all the time. If you're interested, here is the picture and link, from Francesca's Boutique:

For those of you who don't shop here: DO IT. Very cute things, and very affordable! Their physical stores are much better than the online boutique, and if you look at the locations, there are plenty around the USA. (and noooo, silly, I am not being paid to say this. It is out of a sheer love of them that I do such a thing.)

Hope your Monday finds you well! ;-*

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  1. Look how cute you are! Can't wait to see you your WEDDING! PS I just bookmarked you. :)