Thursday, August 27, 2009


Just have to brag here, for a second...

Tim Gunn definitely just commented on my blog.


Guess that's what happens when you know people in high places (i.e., my fashion-industry father-- thanks, daddy-o!).

Big smiles!! :)


  1. SHUT. UP. No way!

    Man, my dad is a truck driver. The only sweet thing I ever got due to his career path was free ice cream and/or chocolate milk when it'd off the truck (when he worked for the local dairy). Which was, I must admit, pretty neat. Sometimes. If it wasn't too damaged.

    *twirls finger*

  2. Umm... I'll take some free ice cream. Yeah thanks.

    I do have to say, I get some really great stuff sometimes... lots of free Juicy Couture. Which can be just whatever since I'm not 13, but honestly, some of those leather bags are beautiful.

  3. Tim has a wonderfully intellectual approach to stle that is attractive to the both the researcher and fashonista in me! Kudos to you girl- you are blowing up!

  4. I meant style- we need a spell check on here!

  5. Oh My... I LOVE Project Runway and Tim Gunn makes that show. You lucky, lucky girl!

  6. P.S. I love your header photo. It really pulled me in, very fashion forward and interesting.

  7. Hey Justine. I'm impressed with all this talent you have been hiding from us. Always new you had an eye for fashion but didn't realize how savvy you are about all the fashion trends! Kudos! You turned me on to Lulus. Love the adorable but yet affordable items. Also loving those photos of you in your wedding dress! Very Sex in the City! I'll be checking in from time to time. Best of luck! xoxo Auntie Mariann

  8. Thanks, Aunt Marianne! Glad you like it, and glad you like LuLus. I love their dresses. :) Sassy-- Tim Gunn is awesome, I'm a bit star-struck! Hope you enjoy the blog...