Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anthropologie fun-day

Gaahhh I love this store. I'll take one of everything, please! Yes, send those straight to my apartment. But, oh... make sure they are invisible to future-husbands. Thanks.

I decided to go and make some cute outfits out of things I loved in the store. Hey-- if I can't buy it because I don't have an extra $1,000 sitting around, I might as well take some great pics of my ideas! Problem today was the store was crazy-busy. I had to wait for a room, so I felt a little guilty taking forever in the dressing room with no intention of buying anything. Here is what I could do in the time I had (p.s.: sorry for the somewhat blurry pictures... iPhones for ya...):

Anthro Sparrow Texture Study Dress
I loved this dress! I've had my eye on it since it came in. It fit a little loose, but with slight tailoring, it would be perfect. Great for the winter and fall! I really wish I had the $150 for it... sigh. Interesting note: there were little slits at the high waist revealing a tad bit of skin. I had no idea until I was taking it off!

Deletta's Blooming Phlox tank
Viola's Revelations Skirt

Oh man. Love this too! So fall-inspired! The top looks great with so many outfits (see next image), and this skirt is so pretty and comfortable (just ignore the tank under the top-- I was too lazy to take it off). I can imagine a lot of use out of these. Good news is the top is not super expensive ($58), but the skirt is more like $100. Hmm.

Same top...
Knitted and Knotted's Declarative Skirt

Holy ish-t, I love this skirt! ugh... The peplum is adorable, and the material (which you can't see in this picture) is a gorgeous textured knit, like a pointelle. I love love love it with that top. For $128, I'm planning to scrape the bottom of the money barrel to find this cash to buy it. Soon. Really soon. (donations, anyone?! heh.) It would be perfect throughout both Fall and Winter.

Same top, AGAIN
Idra's Gust and Breeze Anorak

For anyone who may recall, I was debating this jacket a while back. Although it's linen and probably not appropriate for Fall or Winter, I really like it. Aren't the colors together pretty? that slate grey and mustard yellow, paired with some great jeans. The jacket was insanely wrinkled at the store, making me think (and reading the reviews) that it might wrinkle like that after some wear. The shape of it is nice, with the cinched waist, though it could have used a little taking-in near the bust. That's what you get for having no boobs. Great.

Project Alabama's Diaphanous Tunic
Ehh... I think this tunic is better on a larger busted girl. Kinda swimmy on me. Not a big fan, to be honest. For all the hype and rave this top has gotten, I'm skeptical. Oh well! (I'm pretty sure Anthroholic tried this one on, too... looked better on her.)

Jonsey's Emerald Estuary Tunic
Gorge. Love. Ruffles. Can't. Talk. (even though I look mad... Maybe I'm mad that I can't have it??)

Of course, with a belt, would look better, but I almost even like it flowy and loose. The color is so pretty and soft, and don't get me started on the ruffles. The ruffles!! :) $78? not too bad. But again, I'm on a shopping restriction for a month. Suck.
Tabitha's Golden Plum Cardi
Skinny Striped Blouse
I love pairing a stripe with a pattern like this, but the problem was the odd fit of that sweater. It can't be belted (too short); it would have to be tailored a bunch. Definitely needs to fit closer to my waist, especially since the blouse underneath isn't super tight. I still really like this outfit. If I had the money, I probably would have gotten it and figured out the fit with my tailor.

OK... that was all that was of note. I ended up calculating how much I would have spent if I got everything I wanted right then-and-there, and it would have been around $700. (pardon while I barf.) Why must you taunt me, Anthropologie? All I ask is that I can have your clothing for free. Is that too much to ask? IS IT?


OK. Sorry. :)


  1. I love the texture study dress on you!

  2. Thanks, Roxy! It was a very pretty, comfortable dress...