Monday, August 31, 2009

Style of the Day: Brocade Brigade

I love brocade. I've struggled with this for some time. Because it seems to me that one has to be careful with such a heavy, weighed-down material. It can also appear mature; a 20-some-odd should be careful, my instincts say.

But, I've learned over the years that fashion is NOT about rules. It's about getting around the rules.

Here's an example: my mom always taught me never to wear black growing up. "It conceals," she said. I didn't have anything to conceal. NOTHING. Catching my drift? Anyway.

I grew up afraid of the color black. Which is why I believe I always took a chance with colors-- with no go-to black in my closet (the ever-amazing LBD ne'er by my side), I had to rely on the other neutrals and pops of color to get me through. (I know, I know, *waaahhh*. But it's proving a point, so just listen, gahh...) In the process, I learned that sometimes, mom/"the rules" aren't always right. (Sorry, momma! You give good advice otherwise! heh)

So, here we are, Justine in her mid-20s, and trying to defy the rules that "people" assume have to be there (no white after Labor Day? Watch me! Black and brown don't mix? Yeah right). Why can't I wear brocade? Here is my take, lovies, on a rich, elegant fabric.

Betsey Johnson at ShopStyle

I love pairing the unexpected. Even when that means taking a risk like wearing skulls, brocade, and caged shoes all at the same time. I can picture a tall, mysterious woman, walking the streets of NYC on a cool, drizzly night, the streets shining with rain... And this outfit.

Yes. Breaking the rules is fun. :)


  1. I am not a HUGE stickler for rules, but I am pretty strict about no white after Labor Day! there are exceptions of course (winter white wool trousers, etc.) but for the most part I stick with it!

    I never would have thought of brocade as a no-no though! I think it can look wonderful on younger people when done right!

  2. Well, you just contradicted yourself! hehe... that's what I mean about wearing white. I don't mean I'm going to prance around in a white linen suit or anything. But one just can't live by strict rules. And I'm not saying brocade is a no-no... it can just be aging sometimes. Just have to be thoughtful about the outfit you wear it with.