Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obsessions du jour

I think I'll kick off my first real post with some current obsessions of mine. (Then maybe I'll tell you more about me, but I like to be mysterious. So we'll see. Heh.)

This is the time of year when I start getting sick of summer and I'm looking ahead to Fall. However, this is a problem for me, lovies. Because I live in Dallas. And it's hot as hell. And my lanky arms won't be seeing a sweater until Christmas time (if I'm lucky). But I've never been one to care about my comfort when it comes to fashion, no-no-no. I am loving Fall blazers right now, and I plan to get my hands on one soon. Like this weekend soon. Here are some options from the ever-amazing Anthropologie.
I just love this color... it's like a marigold, and its made out of that super soft slub that has been so hot (ahem, I don't mean sweaty hot... though I suspect I will be if wearing anytime soon) for some time. Moto-jacket? Yes, please. Plus, I'm really not a leather girl. I could be if I tried, I suppose, but it's just too expensive (and the fake stuff can look just that... fake). Perfect Fall jacket, I do believe. Or....
OK, I love this one, too! Grey is versatile, and this jacket really looks like it could be paired with almost anything. And bows... oh, bows. I love you. A cinched waist helps me a lot (I'm a bit of a stick with no curves), and the zipper is no-fuss. But, reviews say it wrinkles a lot. Hmm. Do I mind wrinkles? I don't know. Am I indecisive? Yes... and there are more options. Here's another:
Purple! Oh how I love me some purple (color of my wedding... basically the only color. P.s., this leads me to a tangent: for any of those who have ever gotten married, are you not totally frustrated by the question, "So what are your colors?" like you need 15 of them. Purple is just fine, ok?! sorry.). And ruffles... I have two (going on three) of the same exact sweater (in black and tan) that I wear alllll the time that have pretty, dainty ruffles down the front. I need more ruffles. And the one to throw them allllll off? Get'a load of this baby-->
I have to confess to you, my lovies. I am a trend WHORE. Self-proclaimed, will-work-for-fashion, trend slut. I've tried all my life to buy classic pieces (trench, button down shirt, little black dress), but I sadly own none. So this jacket is almost definitely going to be in my Fall repertoire, even though a consignment shop may see her in 2 years. Bleh. Whatever.

But for those of you who see this post (hello?! hellloooo?), what do you think? I have to pick one (for now), so who's the winner? And if I hear echoes, I'll still be sure to let ya'll know what happens. 'Cuz I'm nice like that.


  1. i like the purple! but i love purple...and i couldn't wear the ruffles, but they would look fantastic on you!

  2. Thanks, girl! I love purple too. And I think you should try ruffles. You never know, you might get addicted like me. hehe ;-)