Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sometimes my days are so slow I want to pull out my teeth, one at a time. Sometimes they are full of drama and work.

Today is the latter

So again, this post is an apology rather than something fun. You're going to have to live with it, lovies. I can only be spread so thin! :)

Good news, though. My amaaaaazing wedding photographers sent me my pictures from my bridal shoot today. They are so pretty and vogue and glossy and everything I wanted. I want to post the link, but I'm a little worried about the world seeing me in that personal of a sense. And I can't post individual pictures until after the wedding. So... I will for sure share some. But not now. Just be understanding again, ok? OK.

To leave you with a fashionable thought, here are my new fave shoes, found on Endless today (Velvet Angels, love):
Why do I have to want everything I find? Argh.


  1. very nice blog.
    easy to read
    and interesting :)