Friday, August 14, 2009

Super Saturday, come to me

So to round off the load of loot spending spree, the fiance promised me that we can go to the mall this weekend to get me "something." Trust me, dear readers, this is no small feat for a mall-phobic man. He is doing this out the of oozing love in his heart (*sucking up*). I forsee it all now. "Something" to me could mean any number of things (5 things?! $300 shopping spree?!), but to him, it means a pair of socks. Or a $40 dress, which he will swear up and down is expensive.

Soooo doesn't understand fashion.

Fear not, lovies. In order to make this trip more manageable for the future hubby, I've decided to do the selfless thing of scoping out the mall before we actually go. You know. Try on all of those iffy items that have me standing in the mirror in 500 different poses without him. A not-so-feeble attempt to prevent him from getting so fed up that we leave with him huffing and puffing several steps ahead of me (dragging me out of Intermix as I claw at a Rachel Pally maxi). Nightmarish, no?

I went to the Anthropologie, and was sad to see that they didn't have the linen jacket or purple wool beauty that I so desperately wanted... but they did have the slub moto-jacket. And guess what? Disappointing. Kinda baggy, sorta hobo-ey. Not good, lovies, not good. Buuuuut. I did find this, which is more beautiful in person, and would be so supah versatile I almost bought it on the spot:

What, you say? Almost sold out online? GASP! Hurry, Saturday! I want this! I picture it with that Iisli dress I posted about before. And some rugged, brown, buckled boots. Sigh. OK, but fear not (like you were, right?!). I have another want for Saturday:

It could go under the Anthro sweater. It could go with jeans. Under a black tube dress. Over a bandeau for some sex-appeal. Over the river and through the woods... oh, what? Sorry. But I think it's a versatile piece. Perfect to make an outfit edgy or sweet. Oh, the options!

Hmmm... now to figure out a way to appease the crying masses that will be my fiance in T-minus 1 day....

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  1. Ohhh, that is really funny. I totally do the scope-out thing prior to dragging Hubby to the mall- he sucks at shopping, so it's best for all of us if we just go and I know exactly what I am grabbing.

    Also, we recently discovered a really good restaurant on mall property that serves alcohol, so it also helps to do dinner and get him liquored up...just a hint. Hee hee.