Friday, August 28, 2009

Couldn't hold out any longer....

Sorry, fiancee of mine. But you can't hold me back. I'm like a crack addict that never recovers. Shopping is a part of me. Just learn to accept it, K? tee-hee. O:-)

Loooook how preeeeety! Courtesy the beautiful Yoon of Thejewelrybar on Etsy:

I need some nice, not-costume jewelry, and at a price of $38 for gold and real gems? Sold! Done! Sign me up! Fini.

Check out her stuff; you won't be sorry. I promise.

In addition, I've decided to do the very bad thing of buying at least $75 worth of F21 clothing to get free shipping with the intention of returning most of it.

Read: intention.

So once that arrives, I'll do a little review of some pieces I'm afraid to let pass me by. So much lately has sold from right under my feet... err, cart. Gotta stop letting that happen. Honestly, I've seen people asking how to shop at F21, given their overwhelming selection and sometimes messily-kept shop. Here's my tip (if anyone wants it... Tim Gunn?? HA.)-- BUY ONLINE. Free shipping over $75, and you can get refunds! The way to go.

F21.... Always good for some fun cheapies. I know, I know... I totally just posted about how I have to stop buying crap. But, on a very tight budget (I'm getting paid NADA right now...), a love for passing trends, and a seemingly stepped-up quality (is that just me? have you noticed that, too??), it's ok. Right? Yes. I'll just buy my jeans, shoes, purses and coats at Nordstrom. OK. Good.

And for some brain mush that I could NOT stop staring at last night, courtesy Conan O'Brien: PUPPIES DRESSED AS CATS. Omigod. Love.

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