Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Budget-Buster vs. Stylish-Substitute

Mornin', world! It's another scorcher here in good ole' Texas. But my mind is still on comfy, cozy, flowy fabrics. I found this interesting cardi from Shopbop this morning and thought it looked like just what the doctor ordered (if the doctor prescribed expensive fashions):
I think this might even work with a pretty little mini dress. And boots. And knee high socks. Love. Buuuuttt... then I realized, "Justine, this reminds me of something else I found on Bloomie's website. Take another gander...". So my split-personality self found this:
Mmmk so it's not quite the exact thing, but for almost $200 less (Shopbop version: $275; Bloomingdale's version: $88), I would take it! I actually like the pockets on the less expensive version and think it adds an extra element of comfy. I don't know why I equate pockets with comfy, but for some reason, it seems to make sense. This one might not work as well with the dress/boots look (it's not as long... longer sweaters work better with the dress look, right?), but still pretty versatile. And it's more tailored... which could be a plus. Anyway, there is my 2 cents. Or my $88. Whatever.

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  1. So funny, I just saw that yesterday and was thinking of writing up a post about it!