Monday, August 17, 2009

Argh. I was played.

Don't you just hate it when good, respectable brands make you think you're getting something so great, so original, something you'll never see again after you buy it? And then you realize they just want your money?

As I was dutifully browsing Lulu's this morning, I came across this.
Copy cat.

Do any of you recognize this? Well I sure do. Because I bought it. Last year. From Free People. For about triple the price. How can Free People put their name on this and then the same design is sold... the next year, mind you!... for a fraction of the cost? I'm just bitter because I paid too damn much. HOW COULD YOU DO IT TO ME? I'M SO LOYAL AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME?!


The Free People sweater was a little different. Had an assymetrical button line. Whatever.

On another note, say hello to my little friend, found this morning at Bloomie's. Her name is "Gorgeous L.A.M.B. bootie".
If anyone happens upon a cheaper version of this, be sure to let me know! So pretty. Look at that towering heel! I even like the subtlety of the metallic stitching (haha, I just called "metallic stitching" subtle). It's not studded like a lot of the boots right now (which I love, don't get me wrong, but this just works). Gaw, I love Bloomie's! I started a wishlist there last night, chalk full of Aqua stuff. (hey yo, future-hubby-- you should check it out. It's public. Heh.)

p.s.: Monday morning confession. It's me, work colleauges, who has been stealing the plastic forks, spoons, and any will-work-as-a-shovel-into-my-mouth utensil to eat my maple yogurt with walnuts and granola every morning. I'm confessing this because I know no one at work will see it. Mwahaha!!

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