Monday, August 24, 2009

A few things....

I feel a little all over the board today! Maybe it's just Monday... but I do have a dinner to look forward to tonight. Check this-- (80s, anyone??) A restuarant in Dallas called Trece sponsors FREE TWO COURSE MEALS on monday nights if you make a reso ahead of time. I'm gettin' me some free Tex-Mex tonight! Wahoo! :) Anyone in Dallas should seriously take advantage of this. Gotta be a smart Recessionista, these days. Heh.

First-- an anncouncement! I am now officially a Shop It To Me Trendsetter! Check out my little icon on the side bar... down there... yes. I've always loved Shop It To Me-- uhhh, send me a link to all the new sales? Yes, please. Me being a Trendsetter means they've recognized me as one of their fave places to check out trendy-topics and fashion news. A nice little award, if I do say so myself. Look for my site to be in the "Style + Fashion" corner by the weekend. Also, I'll keep you posted if I do a guest post on their blog any time soon. Which I may. :)

Second-- an outfit. I didn't have time last Friday to do my "In A Perfect World" post, so here is something similar...

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

The best thing is? Drumroll please.... The two key pieces are none other than F21. Which means (most) of that outfit is affordable. Be looking for those two pieces on me soon... that is, when my imposed shopping-ban is over. When F-H decides I can spend again. Boo. I think the rest of the outfit is copy-able in a cheaper way... so I'll figure it out.

Oh, don't worry. I will. :-P

Third-- have ya'll checked out Guilt Fuse? This morning they're featuring one of my fave fashion-jewelry brands, Sequin. Then later in the week, they'll have Mara Hoffman, Plenty by Tracy Reese, AND Black Halo. Love. Why again am I on a shopping ban? Oh yeah. My F-H has a problem with my spending. Whatevs.

Fourth-- a quick thank you to all my readers. I've only been up and running for a few weeks now, and I've gotten a lot of love on this blog. I'm still not much of a "blogging somebody," but I plan to continue to blog my best and keep at it dutifully. I hope to keep bringing those of you who like this thing fun fashion and some hilarity from my life periodically. Why? Because I love you. Yes. YOU. And if YOU have any comments or suggestions.... please tell me. I'm totally open. And I can take criticism, as long as it's constructive.

At least, I think I can. But try me. Fo'realz.


  1. CONGRATS! You will turn into a fashion blogging superstar before we know it! I have a case of the sads because Edwin bought me a blazer from Jcrew I wanted for our anniversary (some ladies get diamionds... I get jackets, bags, and shoes) and I HATED it in person! Sending it back for another I tried on the store and loved, but it makes me all emo when I think something is going to be cute and it isn't. I feel used!

  2. Heh, thanks, Alicia! That sucks about the blazer... but a way to be positive is to think that there are SO many fish (ahem, blazers) out there in the sea... you will for sure find one. No worries, girl. :)

  3. Yeah, I have already picked my replacement, and honestly, like I NEED another blazer- I have a serious problem!