Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So... what are you wearing??

Wouldn't you like to know!

Oh, you would? OK.

Sweater: the Limited brown crop sweater
Top: Ella Moss
Jeans: faded black Rich and Skinnies
Shoes: Zinc, my fave pair of Fall shoes!
Necklace: ummm... White House/Black Market? Maybe?

I was thinking that after my post last night, I should try out a mix of brown and black today, just to shove it in the man's face. Yeah. Sorry my face looks a little weird in that picture; I think it might have been the lighting... sure we'll go with that. Since it's been chilly (read: 89 instead of 109), I decided to wear something fall-ish today... and those shoes are sooo great for the fall. The bow on top is a gorgeous silk/satin, and the distressing of the leather makes it look rugged but feminine. Although the black and browns in the outfit are pretty close in terms of color-depth, I still think the combo works here. Maybe it's the silhouette, but I just like it.

And now for something completely different: me in Luckenbach a few weeks ago. Woohooo! Love Texas!


  1. I LOVE black and brown together-especially cognac colored leather accesories with black- as long as it is a brown with a warm undertone. It has a higher style aesthetic than just wearing black with black or black with a color.