Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Texas State Fair is my love.

Good morning, lovies. It has been raining for (it feels like) weeks in Texas and temperatures are dropping (40 degree difference from only about 1 month ago).

What does that mean?


This year, the TTSF will be even better than usual, since fiance and I are having our engagement shoot there. Yeah, I know, possible recipe for disaster. But possible recipe for awesomeness, too. hells-ya! I can picture it now-- he and I sharing a turkey leg, him winning me a 5-foot-tall panda bear, me and the carnie grinning at eachother, getting fried butter/oreos/snickers/ice cream/[insert any food you can imagine here] in my teeth... it's going to be great.

No, but seriously. I think it's one of the most photo-worthy sites, and I know we'll get a lot of fun, whimsical, Texas-like pictures. Best part? I'm wearing this:

Anthropologie's Bold Boutonniere Dress

It just looks adorable on, as Anthroholic will attest. I can't wait to post a picture in a few weeks of the final result at the shoot. Fiance is wearing a nice pair of jeans, a very fine black/tan mixed courdoroy jacket and a tee underneath. We're just going to be darling. :)

My only problem at the moment is what to wear with it. Heels are a bad idea at the fair, and the neckline is so pretty I don't want to muss it up with jewels. Any suggestions???

In other news, another round of Shop It To Me's Battle of the Brands is up. Im voting:
1. Alice and Olivia
2. J Brand (even though I'm a little mad at them becasue I can't fit into my normal size. Boo, J Brand. I'll still vote for you, though.)
3. Splendid (too comfy to pass up)
4. Betsey Johnson (too wacky to pass up)

And by the way, how the hell did 3.1 Philip Lim not win? Has anyone ever seen the gorgeousness that is PHILIP LIM?! I apparently think everyone should have my taste. Whatevs.


  1. Cute idea for e-pics! Hope they come out great. I would take heels along. Have 2 pairs. You might want a few shots with them. No thongs. *lol*

  2. haha... can you imagine? That beautiful dress and a pair of Haviannas? :) I think 2 pairs is a good idea, but I guess my photographers would just have to carry them?? Hmm...

  3. Depending on how long you will be out there, you might want a small bag with powder, hairbrush, etc...so throwing a pair of shoes in there might be worth it. I am seeing heels w/the bout dress :-)