Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eye Candy

Current love/lust list, all courtesy the one and only store for me (aka

Lirola; so dainty and pretty....

Zelaya; here is my winter-white-wear! :)

raquelcastillo; a perfect way to draw summer into Fall

Esoneofone; definitely save this baby for the spring, but how darling!

bejewelledbespoke; j'adore chunky bracelets as much as chunky necklaces!

Ohhh damnit, Gruche... I missed out last season and damned if I do this season!

Both ovejanegra; chunky knits work, too. hehe.

....aaaaand a vintage piece by persephonevintage; love it.


  1. I have the mummy dress by Vera (Gruche) and I love, love, love it. I have it in white. I really need to rock it out more.

    The first top I NEED I NEED I NEED and that flower necklace by raquelcastillo OMG.

    I love Etsy. *sighs happily*

  2. See... I'm worried about that. I'm a little afraid I'd never get use out of it. And no joke about raquelcastillo. I'm in love with her stuff but it's a bit on that pricey side...