Thursday, September 10, 2009

To fur or not to fur?

OK lovies, it's time to get serious about Fall wardrobes!! Besides the OTK boots, I am seriously thinking about a fur vest. Sure, there are plenty of faux-options out there, and most of them are passable. But why not get real fur, if it's affordable? Case in point:

Option 1 above: $69.99

Option 2 above: $95

Aaaaaand here's the catch. This is apparently a wholesaler from China selling on Ebay. Now, that's not bad in and of itself, but my worries are obviously quality and true advertising. Is it really real? Is it as nice in person as it is in the pictures? Does a language barrier make for poor online buying? Ugh... The positive side is that the seller's feedback is very good and everyone seems pleased. The store is also a Power Seller, which I've heard is a good sign. But I'm very much an Ebay newbie. I rarely buy on Ebay, and I especially hesitate on out-of-the-country wholesellers. It's like those fakie Louboutin websites... so tempting, but is it really worth it?

What are your thoughts, lovies? Would you go through with it? Would you hesitate? What's my prognosis?! Ahhh!


  1. Definitely go faux fur.

  2. Really? ok. :*( Hehe....

  3. I saw this cute faux one while walking through the mall at NY&C. It's not as structured as the ones above but has a more hippie type feel. Only $50 and felt really nice!

  4. I'd bet that it is real fur, just a cheap one like rabbit, most likely (but rabbit is really soft and fuzzy, and with that "look" it seems like it wouldn't matter that its not made of one continuous pelt but many pieced together).
    Do the auctions specify?
    One thing to be wary of...during winter in China (I saw this in Shanghai) there are people selling so-called "full tiger/leopard pelts", that are actually dyed dog beware if they don't say it's rabbit or something as cheap.

  5. DON"T GET FROM CHINA!! they do not have animal cruelty laws, and some companies do not take care to kill animals humanely. other countries do have these laws, like the US, Netherlands, etc, and so it may be more expensive, but at least you know what you're buying and that it did not suffer.

    and while it may be more expensive, it should last pretty much forever.

  6. also, i have a lot of faux fur items, (i too have a problem with animal print/faux fur) i wear too much for my own good.

    and they all look very nice. i do get many compliments. and they don't look cheesy, and still are very warm.