Thursday, September 3, 2009

New F21 Items came in!!! Review!

OK lovies, here's the deal. I'm going to review the items I'm keeping from my recent splurge (because uploading on to Blogger sucks). To note, the items I'm returning, honestly, aren't because I didn't think they fit well, or were of bad quality- I'm returning them because I don't need them or won't really wear them based on my taste. So, to summarize: F21 CAN DO NO WRONG.

(ok that's false. But I really have come to love them lately!! And look how cute the following items are!)

First, the canvas textured knit sweater. I liked this a lot, but I'm actually still on the fence about it. The canvas-esque fabric is very soft and it fit well enough to wear with a slim tank or a thin sweater. I think I might have something similar enough to return it. But oh, the PEPLUM! Love.

Next, the Parlor Tunic Sweater. This is for sure a keeper. You can tell in the second picture, which you couldn't in the first or online, that it has SPARKLES. yes. OK. Great fall colors, again very soft material, versatile, and oh-so MINEMINEMINE. sorry.

Then there's the Striped Cinched Sleeved Jacket, which looks as cute on as it does online. Pretty true to the website picture. I like it, but either this or the black parlor jacket is going back. What do you think???

Now for the Animal Printed 3/4 jacket. OMG. Love. Seriously guys, so cute on, and I just love leopard print done tastefully for the Fall. To me, two things say Fall-- purple, and ANIMAL PRINT. So I know it sounds tacky, but you can't tell me this print is tacky. It is adorable.

Umm, can you tell I love it? Heh.

And finally, this is an outfit I put together yesterday from a recent trip to my local F21. (yeah no, not addicted or anything.) I love this look. Especially because the top was $8.80 and the skirt was $10.80. This outfit seriously cost me less than $100. That's the style I like! :) And it's perrrrrrfect for mambo taxis (aka best drink EVAH) in the West Village for happy hour.

Uhh, yeah. Leopard print AGAIN. :) And sorry about the grown-out-bangs-in-eye look. Ugh.

So help me out here, lovies. Which of those blazers (striped vs. peplum) shall I keep? I'm just not sure... Help!!


  1. You look great in everything! But as far as which jacket to keep- I'm a definite fan of peplum my vote goes for the canvas textured knit sweater. It looks awesome on you, KEEP IT.

  2. They are both super cute and look great on you, but I would say keep the peplum sweater...absolutley fab-u-lous!

  3. Yeah... I think the peplum sweater jacket will have to stay. Yay! :)

  4. I am definitely digging the black one more- and fyi, I also bought the parlor sweater a while back! We have cardigan ESP!

  5. I love your F21 picks. Could you tell me how their sizing is? I usually take a L, but I have heard that their sizing is changed.

  6. Sure! I got my regular Small in all of these items, and I haven't noticed a change in their sizing. However, they have several brands (e.g. Love 21, Heritage), all of which may have slightly different sizing. But, I actually found that many of their pants fit larger than expected, as they actually go by junior's sizing. FYI!