Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Budget-Buster vs. Stylish-Substitute

I had to post this one, lovies, because of my love-affair with Fiona Paxton.

I'm obsessed. Her items are drop-dead GORG but so incredibly expensive. Wahhh. For about 4 months or more, I've been on the lookout for good replicas. I found one several months back at Charlotte Russe and bought it-- it wasn't quite exact, but I can't seem to find a perfect replica for a reasonable price.

Well, this one seems to be decent. And at $38, it is very cute (www.freepeople.com). My only problem is the width-- way too skinny to be passed off as a Fiona, but nonetheless, a good find if I do say so myself.

Real on top, fakie on bottom.

I even implored Etsy to help me find a look like this for much less. Anyone who would have handmade it was charging even more than the $400 price tags Fiona features. Boo. If any of you know anyone out there that could make this for much less, lemme know! (WILL WORK FOR FASHION)


  1. Go with the fake. At least for now.

  2. Can you get two of the fakies and somehow rig them together? That is my ghetto fab contribution to this topic....

  3. I like the fakie. It's cute. Good find.

  4. Looks like fakie is the majority rule, hehe... I don't know if I'll buy it anyway, but I will forever be on a hunt :)

  5. Ooo, I actually like the fake one better and might have to purchase it for myself.