Sunday, September 13, 2009

Anna Sui For Target REVIEWS!

Yay, it's here! It's so funny how everyone has different opinions on this line, and I bet mine won't be an exception. I can only imagine that you would really want to try on before you buy with this, since the materials, feel, and cut on each piece varied a lot. In addition, I was a little disappointed in the very 1970s throwback. How is that Gossip Girl? And how does that fit in with Fall's 80s and 90s inspiration? Oh well. I'll be sure to make notes on fit and material for ya on each. So, without further ado:

Floral Metallic Jacquard Dress
Even though Golden Means gave this a rather unfavorable review, I loved it. I will rock this dress for a holiday party or even to work with some tights and booties. Love. I found it soft, and though unlined, it didn't need lining. It is high necked but not stuffy, in my opinion. The belt? Not the best, but very good... and come on. What do you want from a $45 dress??? (A note about the whole line-- almost all the dresses featured a hook-and-eye closure at the top of the zipper, which to me is very nice and shows an attempt at quality. More than I can say for some other Target lines.)

Houndstooth Jacquard Dress
Chloe, you'll rock it. Me? Not so much. I feel like jumpers make me look like a pre-pubescent school girl. Hmm.... I guess my boxy figure (aka sans boobies) lends to this. Oh well. Still thought the material was decent-- a little stiff, but very cute nonetheless. Love that bottom trim lace!

Herringbone dress
Awww! I liked this. It was almost a denim material, which made it work-casual, and the window-pane-esque paneling gave a modern edge to a classic dress. I didn't get this because it again was somewhat stiff, and not quite my personal style.

Burnout strappy dress
Holy 1970s-wallpaper/throw rug, batman! Lord. This was an abomination. Orange, brown and yellow satin/velvet? Ick. The fit was nice and the shape was interesting, but good lord. Not sure if this can be modernized. Enough said.

Silk Patterned Dress
I think this dress is one of the best in the collection. I liked styling it with the sleeves up on the shoulders rather than dropped, but I like that it gives you that option anyway. I would have purchased this one if I hadn't fallen in love with the blue dress. I really am a sucker for a princess cut top. It would look cute with the new tailored blazers for the season. And the material was very soft. A note on size: I tried a 5 for this one, and a 3 for all the others. I think it might run a little small.


Bib Tee Shirt (fringe)
I liked this, but I only liked it. The fringe is on point for Fall, and I could sleep in it it's so comfortable. But like I said, I wasn't wowed. (Maybe it's hard to be wowed by a Target line? I don't know.) And I'll be honest. I look about 4 months preggos. I'M NOT.

Metallic Ruffle Sleeveless top
Polyester is in the title of this shirt. Ick. It definitely felt like it. And, it didn't seem to fit with the aesthetic of the rest of the line. I felt more like a Geisha girl than a Gossip girl. Blech. Not good, lovies.

That was all I tried. I did want to try the Feather Dress but I forgot. Ooops. I again disagree with some reviews that thought it was cheap looking. The wool-like dress material felt thick and nice, though possibly itchy. And of course the feathers were actually little metallic plastic things, but again. Come on. Were talking Target. Targhetto. Let's be honest. We're not getting 24 carat here, lovies. So, to sum, the quality and fit really did vary so it's difficult to make a sweeping review. I would say I was pleased somewhat, especially with my blue dress, so generally it is a good for-Target line. Oh, Anna.


  1. :) you look about 10x better in that dress than I did, I'm glad you got it! I think the fit was all off for me because I don't have your awesome figure, so all my lumps and bumps were making it pull and sit awkwardly all over the place.

    i think you look pretty great in almost *all* these dresses btw!

  2. Thanks, Anjali! Don't be hatin' on your curves-- I would love to have some! :)

  3. Girl - you know how I love Targhetto! I was looking for some super cute (and reasonable!) booties and found these at Target. What do you think? Right price!

  4. Cute! They look a lot like the Steve Madden ones that are like 5x the price, haha... Nice find, FSIL!!!! and p.s. nice size heel, guuurrrl! :-P

  5. Thanks! I knew you'd love how tall I would be. ;). I'm loving how popular gray is right now too. Can't beat $30.

  6. arg!! I keep meaning to get to Target ASAP and have been swamped. maybe tomorrow. These are great.

  7. i bought a few pieces from this line, my favorite being the leather jacket :o) i also did a review and i think i agreed with you on a few things. i think that the "misses" on this line were horrible..but the hits were amazing.

  8. Great review on Targette's new Anna Sui line! You really did your homework. I love how you emphasized quality and what a great deal it was for that one $45 dress! There's no shame in looking Fab w/o breaking the bank!

  9. Thanks, Mizz! I love good finds. And as long as you know you'll wear it and not just let it sit in the closet, it's always a good idea. :)