Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gotta love weddings...

...mostly because you get stuff!

Oh yeah, and the part about marrying your one and only true love and whatever. :)

No, I'm just playing. But I am serious about the gifts part, too. This might be our fave gift so far (yessss I am opening, but I was told to open this one! And so what, I'm not traditional and I plan on getting all the use out of our lovely gifts, which seems to be the best way to express my gratitude, of course along side thousands of thank you notes. Ugh.):


And please disregard any vestiges of the Batman video game playing in the background. Boy do we need a house, stat. :) Of course, I love everything I have received so far, but I have been looking forward to this one for a while. My wonderous French co-worker gifted this one, and I can't wait to make steaks/chicken/fish/veggies on it. I think I'm going to make an entire meal on the griddler!! (**plotting like a mad woman, rubbing her hands together in a menacing way**)

OK. Apologies. aaaaaaaaannnd on to fashion.

I have (obvi, since I've posted a little about this before) been looking for the perfect over-the-knee boots for under $150 (-ish). I actually found some beauties on DSW, but reviews are worrying me. Not tall enough? Too slouchy? (p.s.: If any of you lovies happen to try some on, or own a pair, or know someone that does, let me know how they are! Really, I'd love to hear about any of your OTK boot finds.) What is a fashion slave girl to do?

Here are some pics of the ones I love, from DSW. What's your opinion? Are these a one-hit-wonder, or will they last a few more seasons? Worth the buy, or skip it all together? (btw, I think I've already made up my mind. heh)


  1. 1 & 3 are really good & will probably rotate in and out of fashion. I dunno about #2.

  2. I figure the best thing about 3 is that you could fold down the top to make it look like a regular boot, too. But I'm nervous it wouldn't stay up to be an OTK boot. I know what you mean about 2. But it's just so puuuuurdy! :)

  3. I got that same griddler for my wedding!

    And #1 looks like a black version of the maxstudio boots I have, so u know I like! I am going to rock them in NYC this weekend!

  4. You're totally right! I can't wait to see pictures. I'm so excited for you! have tons of fun!

  5. I have the 3rd pair - Chinese Laundry in black suede from last year and still excited about them for this year! You can fold or scrunch them down to keep to the knees/shorter, or unfold to be above the knee. I recommend! :)

  6. We got there so late on thursday- I didn't have time to change! I ended up in my raincoat and red converse low tops!