Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An etsy find...

I can never get enough Etsy, nevernevernever! Just a quick one today, lovies. (btw... look for my blog post tomorrow on -- I will post a link to it here tomorrow)

Found this jacket, and really this shop...

I love the military look, and it even has structured shoulders! The best part is the price-- $80. Compared to Balmain, I'll take it!

I've been feeling a grey and black mood lately (not in the sense of angry, in the sense of clothing). So I will apologize for future OOTD posts that lack color... Chloe's post recently reminded me that I'm ok with an outfit with no pop of color. Sometimes, it's mysterious and sexy. Kinda like me. (HAHAHA HILARIOUS!)

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  1. Ah etsy how did we survive without you - lovely jacket!