Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank you!

Yesterday, Summerilla gave me this.

I feel quite honored to have received my first award! But... ok. Here's the thing.

I don't do "forwards." You know, like the emails you get in your inbox and you're told to pass it along to 120934 other people you love. Don't get me wrong, lovies!! I am (really) grateful. But I just don't feel comfortable passing this along to a gagillion other bloggers and then make them pass it on and them pass it on... and... and. NEVER ENDING. So, I will graciously accept this award. And I might pass it on when I feel like someone is in need of an award, too. But I'll just keep that one in my back pocket for now.

Please don't be mad at me, fellow bloggies! It's not that I don't think you're awesome/special/"kreativ" (I hope that was supposed to be misspelled because I really hate misspellings. Dood.) I think you're all great, and a source of my inspiration. Without you all, I wouldn't be here. Now. Writing this. I'd still be hiding under piles of clothing in my closet and hoping to get a few compliments when I head out in the fashion-forward city of Dallas. So do understand, K? :)

By the way, the engagement photos were last night and we had a blast. We took pics on swan paddle boats, played the water-shooting games (and NEVER won a thing, grrr), ate cotton candy, and did a lot of kissy-kissy poses that I do hope come out better than they felt (definitely awkward!). Despite our bad luck with fair games, one of the carnies let us take a pic with a GINORMOUS hot pink Care Bear. Awesome. I just can't wait to see them!

And no OOTD today. I'm feeling slumpy. Sorry. :-P

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