Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday's random rambles

Wednesdays, for me, suck. It's the end of my week at one job but the beginning of it for another. But yet, its the middle of the week. Confused? Yeah, I know.

My ole' pal fashion will get me through the day! Here is a polyvore put-together that I would wear; an inspiration of how to transition your summer wardrobe to the Fall.

On another note, this doesn't qualify as a look for less (as it isn't really much less), but I thought I'd post it. This necklace from Free People has been a big seller this summer, and it's obvious why: the pretty neon colors and "statement" size make it a lust-able piece! It currently retails for $38 online.
(sorry for the small size, couldn't find a bigger pic)
That one comes in hot pink as well, while the neon yellow/blue is currently sold out.

If you like the idea but not a fan of neon, Aldo Accessories has the same necklace (in gold, just a wee bit less expensive!) with a gorgeous fall color palette...
I actually think I might like this one better. However, I have the yellow/blue one already and I'm not sure I want a second of the same thing. I don't typically buy two of the same thing in different colors, although I'm sure that many of you do!

Aaaaaand, another random note: Check out this beautiful necklace my FSIL scored recently (off of, you guessed it, the amazing ETSY!):
Insane-pretty. Courtesy BejewelledBespoke

I love necklaces. :)


  1. I love that rosette necklace it is absolutely beautiful! and I love ETSY!

  2. Oh I know! I already told her I might snatch it off her neck. Heh. OK, I'll be nice. I'll *carefully* remove it from her neck. :)