Sunday, February 7, 2010

OOTD: Travelin' garb

Yes, it's a wee bit late in the eve to be posting an outfit post, but this is the first I've gotten some time to blog in a few days. This outfit was my traveling outfit on Friday. I know a lot of people have very specific needs for traveling garb and I'm one of them. Here are my rules: 1. Must be comfortable (duh). 2. Must be a dress and leggings. Yes. MUST. I hate wearing pants and feeling restricted, especially when sitting in a car for 5 hours, so a jersey dress is key. 3. Must be light and airy. I know lots of people think it's better to dress warm just in case, but I always find I want to just layer if I get cold instead of tie myself down to thick or heavy fabrics.  So here's a great rendition of Justine's Traveling Ensemble:
Dress: French Connection abstract art dress
Leggings: Nordstrom BP
Necklace: Anthro's Stormy Seas necklace in the amber hue
Shoes: Steve Madden fleur de lis flats
lip gloss: courtesy Johanna, thanks love!

There's a reason I posted so many gratuitous photos of myself... to show the lipstick wear. In the first photo, I had just applied the Marina Cosmetics lip gloss I received from the lovely Johanna of 101 Things I Love. By the end (hell, by the second photo), it was generally worn off. I do have to say it's not my normal color (I prefer pinks when I wear any color at all), but still, it didn't seem to last as long as I hoped. I usually have a lot of trouble finding colors that last on me-- this could have something to do with me personally, but I have no idea if that's logical or not. Anyway, there's one review for ya, Johanna!! :) 

Also, please notice the necklace, which is apparently on sale at local Anthropologies for $30 instead of nearly $50. As I love my F21 version and have been drooling over the Anthro version for so long (fortuitously, I wanted this particular color, too!), I decided to finally make a commitment to an item. I'm so excited that I did because I just lurve this thing. Yay!


  1. you look so adorable! I agree that comfort is key when traveling

  2. The first thing I was going to comment on was your makeup! Your lip color makes your entire complexion look so fresh. Love it.

  3. Lip gloss always comes off. You have to layer with powder and/or foundation for some staying power. A trick I saw today on Rachel Ray is to put the lipstick on. Put blush over it in the same color. Then top with gloss.

  4. The Coastal ChicsterFebruary 9, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    i really like this outfit! it is much more creative than what i usually come up with to travel in. :)